Devs please let me build roads

I play a lot of casual games with my wife against AI and we always have fun looking over each other’s empires how they look after the game has ended. We made it a little mini-game to try to build different looking cities. One thing that I really miss is the ability to build roads just like cities have roads in campaigns/missions.

So how about making roads available in random games one way or another? It could be a cheat code that lets your villagers build roads. Purely visual. Unlockable in an event perhaps?

If I could dream big, I’d make it functional by providing faster movement speed and have it part of the game properly. I know it’s too complex and off-meta but would be awesome, ain’t it? :smiley:


Sorry to broken your dreams, but this will not happen, you can try something with the editor and the roads and triggers there.

It would not really make sense if only roads affected mobility what about other terrain, Elevation and unit type. But at that point it would be a total overhaul which might make for a cool mod but more likely adding a core game mechanic to a game that is designed without consideration to that mechanics will likely have negative ramifications.

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Wish they added a new mode where it’s literally Sim City 4 but with AOE2 DE assets like Warzone with Modern Warfare. I’d buy so much cosmetic assets.


Kind of like if the scenario designer was a gamemode? With villagers building things, and competition format with set res between players?


The auto-road building feature in AoE4 is one of the few positive things I like about the game.

I think Scenario allows for terrain to change, no? Perhaps some road-generation things can happen through Scenarios, no?


No. Scenarios don’t allow terrain change. It’s a feature they should have, but not one that they do. You can design it with different terrains, but you can’t use triggers or anything like that to change actual terrain during gameplay.


Would be so cool to see burning houses and then you have to increase taxes so a villager could repair it lol. Imagine increasing the tax on nobles and a civil war starts haha.

I hear Knights&Merchants Remake has multiplayer tweaked, might as well give it a try (not the latest 3D abomination alpha, but the good old K&M Remake)

to make your dream come true, you only have to ask for the ability to change ground with trigger.
If trigger can modify ground type, in a few days you will have a lot of mod who will use this ability.
I don’t have the last DLC and I will buy the last one if it’s provide that.

it would be so cool, even if the engine cannot generate them because it cannot change the map, they could be buildable, with the quirk that units can pass over this particular building of course.

also, buildable bridges while we are at it!


I just want villagers to build stone bridges so we can add some more danger and action to long-winded water games

also to give a chance to civ that sucks on water. that would spice up the meta in the already not-so-used water maps

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It would be amazing to have a new tab for “decorative buildings” available for the villagers.
I’m talking about torchs, banners, roads, things like that. Buildings that cost a non negligible wood or stone cost and building time, very low hp, and no function at all aside from aesthetics.
That way they would not interfere with gameplay the way a house couldn’t do better. No reason to use for quickwalling, covering the map for blocking construction sites, or anything.
It could be made so it doesn’t have a default hotkey, in order to prevent accidents.

Bridges and things like that with implications in gameplay are a hard no for me. But an option for aesthetics would be nice.


DLCs are for civs and campaigns, not features that should be added for everybody if they are added.

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The editor cannot do it because it will fix the map if it does, so it wont be an RM.

Now back to OP. Since you and your wife exclusively play against the AI, a data mod enabling roads can be useful for you. I can try to make one, but I am not sure if I would succeed.

Also, do you mind telling me if you play fixed civs or random?

We play random civs.

I am curious how can you succeed to modify the ground? You only display a new texture above the ground or you really change the ground?

There are certain terrains which are implemented as units. Some buildings also change the terrain beneath them. So maybe we can have blank building, which costs 0 resources and 0 seconds and is invisible, but makes road as underlying terrain.


As a 2x2 building, that could be quite good. If the game added an extra tickbox in lobbies to let people use those kinds of things to create more realism based games in terms of design, then it could be added as part of the game.