Devs please release the 3d models for modders

Devs please release downloadable 3d models of AoE2 units and buildings. This will help the modders immensely and we will once again have the same amount of workshop content as we had in AoE2 HD.
You can make it a paid addon if you like.

What do you plan to do with it? Just curious. Also, this should be in the #age-of-empires-ii:age2de-modding part of the forum.

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90% of units buildings there are just taken from aokh.

It will help your graphic artist Sapsan

That is not the point.

In case you dont know people who made those units buildings did not have any of the original material either.

I suspect this isn’t the case, as most of our models have to be made from scratch, because there’s nothing close in the game. There are probably a few models we could edit, but it mostly isn’t needed.

@Mahazona @TheConqueror753

Ok. Anything else?

Its unlikely a company will ever release original assets to the public, even if they do you still need to know 3d animating to get them in to the game.

Ok. Thank you letting us know the obvious.

Anything else?