Diablo II RPG Crashs

I ported the Diablo II RPG mod from aoe2HD and it seems to be working well until it crashes at a very certain point. I really dont know why and have little knowledge about scenario editor. Is it possible some one can have a quick look?

Please let me know what i can do or provide further. Thanks

always great to see more scenarios ported. I will have a look but I am not a editor magician either

when is act 1 over? which unit do you have to kill for that?

Act 1 is over when u have to kill andariel. The women. Its in the picture. You can add me on steam and i can show you. When she dies game closes to desktop

21:30 … On DE if u kill her it crashes.

ah yes i see.
this rpg is very complicated 11

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sadly it is lol… but best ones ever 11

just casual 79 effects when she dies… :smiley:

trust me i looked and didnt udnerstand anything 111… if you want help in any way i can spend time if you can tell me what to look for! just ask and ill do what i can

OK lets try? i am hosting

edit:lobby is up, called “rpg” @wonderhd11
i edited 2 things. one could have been a bug where color was “wrong” (maybe I am wrong) and the other is something that just looked weird (aka I never used it before 11)

edit2 lobby full so fast. i gonna test with randoms 11

haha its definitly fun. we still crashed to desktop, tho.

But there were so many bugs, that I dont think its worth it to put much time into it. My armor kept increasing +3 every x seconds. My teammate had 200 PA and 80 attack when we got to the boss and basically won 1v50

and one enemy unit had insane attack and one shot me… same bugs i had for Pokemon RPG, because DE will not spawn units on top of each other but will just modify their stats endlessy… very annoying

when I first ported pokemon RPG, it was normal to have units +200 attack when u were max 150 hp. I had to completely redo how they spawn. This changes balance and if u forget one single spot u might die without having any chance.

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Hey add me on steam, same name! i was on vacation! i can certainly look into the bugs again and see if i can find something