Dialogue Languages that need to be redone

  1. Aztecs
    They currently speak some sort of Mayan language, when they would be better off speaking Nahuatl like they did historically.

  2. Berbers
    My Algerian friends had absolutely no idea what they are saying, because the in-game Berber sounds distorted to them. According to the wiki, their dialogue language has wierd pronunciations and made-up words. Would make more sense if the Berber units spoke Moroccan/Algerian Arabic, or at least, actual Berber language, paired by a native speaker.

  3. Byzantines
    Not only do they speak Latin, when they are better speaking Greek, their Latin in-game has some mistakes! Would be nice if units spoke Greek. Or at least, leave the Monks and King speak Latin like for Britons case. Besides, with the new Roman civ out, their new Latin language makes Byzantine dialogue redundant.

  4. Italians
    Same current problem as for Byzantines. All units bar monks and kings should speak Italian. Monk and king still speak Latin like Byzantines and Briton case.

  5. Sicilians
    There was once I wrote about Sicilians being better named as Normans. Considering the fact that their descendants were Norman, who in turn descended from Vikings, and also the fact that they appear in campaigns taking place outside Sicily, they are renamed as “Norman” via trigger. They would be better reusing Frankish dialogue (William the Conq of the Hastings is Norman), or Vikings which reflects their Norse origins. Other than that, if the Sicilians remains as Sicilians, their language is fine as it is.


I agree with these except the Sicilians, they are fine speaking Sicilian, even tho they are Normans in the campaigns, the game specifically calls them Sicilians for a reason.

Btw, I knew the Aztecs’ language was wrong, but I didn’t know Berbers too, weird, I expected it from the early Conquerors expansion, but on African Kingdoms? weird. Not to mention they re-used these for AoE3’s minor civs…

For the Byzantines and Italians I use mods, there’s the “Italians Speak Italian” mod made by myself (which uses AoE3’s Italians voice lines) and a “Byzantines speak Greek” one (which uses the Age of Mythology greek voices) both are on the mod workshop. Now that “we have a home” for the classic and iconic Latin voice lines (with the introduction of the Romans as a civ) we can change both of these.

I tried to contact the creators of the Age of Mythology Aztec mod, which has some accurate Aztec voice lines to make a mod, but I couldn’t get a hold of them to ask for permission.

Edit: Wait, I haven’t played with the AoE2 Romans yet (been busy with the Return of Rome campaigns) but by checking the wiki I’m learning they recorded ANOTHER set of Latin voices??? instead of recording some Greek and Italian voices for the respective civilizations? WHY?

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These are nice to have things just like different skins.There are things that should get much more attention than these.

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Bengalis speak 19th century written form of language which is limited to writing and literature only and was never spoken.

Source: Wiki and myself.

I have no idea on medieval Bangla btw. And I guess neither did devs.


According to my Polish friend, the Poles in the game speak a mixture of modern Polish, archaic Polish and some kind of made-up Polish which is neither modern nor mediaeval, but just trying to sound like old Polish.

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As a French person, I guess the Franks speak Medieval French but most of it sound like the person doing the voice records spoke with a potato in their mouth. I always thought if it was the case for French, it was probably the same for most languages aside from English. I think I’ve seen people complain about the Chinese and Japanese voicelines too?

Teutons and Goths as well as Mongols and Huns still speak the same language in the game.

That’s why I mentioned before, I proposed Berber units using Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan Arabic voicelines.

Consodering that we only have three attested words from Hunnic language, I’ll give them a pass

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This. Since the Huns were originally from Mongolia, so it makes sense to give them the closest possible voicelines which is Mongolian.

Goth wise, I don’t know if they should still speak German, or other languages like Norse (their original homeland), Spanish (visigoths settled in Spain) or Italian.

Slavs and Bulgarians too.

They can speak actual Gothic, the language survives in old documents and books unlike Hunnish

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I agree with changing languages that are commonly known to be incorrect, e.g. Byzantines speaking Greek instead of Latin.

But when it comes to changing details like pronunciation or the exact words being used, I think the effort to reward ratio is just too high. Bear in mind we’re talking about medieval languages. I don’t want to speculate too specifically, but for any given civ, there will only be a tiny number of players who know whether their dialogue is accurate and period-appropriate – probably zero in most cases. Being a native speaker of the relevant modern language doesn’t help – e.g. I’m a native British English speaker and I have no idea whatsoever how accurate the Britons’ dialogue is. You’d really have to be expert in the medieval form of that specific language.

I think the Japanese is mostly modern Japanese, maybe that’s the problem? (But then, see my point above.)

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Some languages have different forms for writing and speaking. I’m not an expert. So my question is did Goths speak in the same format the documents and books were written? Either way it will be better than current one though.

I was astonished when I knew about this.


The Incan female needs to be redone. It is a lower quality than the male recording.

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Good lord thats stupid

I assumed it would be so the Romans could speak classical Latin rather than medieval/ecclesiastical Latin – but according to the wiki, that’s not the case. Weird.

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They also invented words which don’t exist in Japanese like Katapuruto which is just the English word catapult in katakana (カタプルト).