Disabling/enabling techs in xs script(for rms maps)

I want to disable some techs(at random for certain players) in xs script before they are researched automatically at the start of the game. More specifically i want to have random team bonuses for each player.

Disabling all of them in their tech trees and re-enabling some of them doesn’t seem to work. Specifically xsEffectAmount(cEnableTech, ???, cAttributeEnable, 0); doesn’t seem to work.

There doesn’t seem to be any way to create a time delay before a tech is researched. Giving the xs script time to disable the tech.

xsResearchTechnology just straight up doesn’t work for rms scripts.

I can wait till feudal age or till a specific building is built, but this isn’t always ideal. It would also be nice to not have to start in the dark age.

Any ideas or solutions?

I use xs for scenarios more than RMS but it should overlap a lot. it would be easier for me to discuss the issues and possible solutions in a specific modding discord (a very useful resource, I thoroughly recommend (I don’t check here often)) and it’s also far easier to format and post code there.

If I start helping people with modding here too, I’ll just add another site that I’ll feel obligated to keep checking and posting to and it’ll be a big time sink that I can’t afford, but happy to help in there since I’m already very active there.