Disconnecting from Lobby, Crashing in Unranked Lobby Games

Game Version:

  • Build (4667120) (current one)
  • Platform Steam


I’ve crashed 3 times from games, and disconnected from the Lobby once since the server maintenance, and haven’t had any issues with disconnecting before. One crash was ~30 minutes in, the lobby one I crashed straight away, and the second crash was ~1 min in. I haven’t been able to complete a lobby game, however the ranked queue seems unaffected.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Join lobby -> if connected proceed to step 2
  2. Start game
  3. Crash

It seems like a number of other people are having this issue as well, from searching Reddit and aoe2.net (I can compile them here if that helps the devs)


I have EXACTLY the same problem.
Since server maintenance I’ve played 3 ranked games and all 3 crashed. Two very early like under 1min, and the third about 10mins into the game. Game looks unplayable right now.

Same here. Haven’t dropped once since the first major patch. Server maintenance goes out today and every multiplayer game freezes in the first 30 seconds.

Actually hard crashed my PC on the final attempt.


This is happening across all US servers. about 40% crash rate. Tried numerous games, all the same result. One in about 3-4 out of 8 crash, then it goes smooth for a bit, but it’s making it impossible to play team games. I haven’t tried any 1 v 1, but everyone in the lobby is reporting that it doesn’t matter the number of players. :confused:

Have you tried other servers? Wondering if it’s a specific server issue.

Same here. When you think the game can’t get any worse, it does. Devs never fail to disappoint.

Occured 2/2 times on a Black Forest 4v4 Unranked on the Aus server


Yep this is happening for me as well, was playing fine the last few days, for me it has only been since the server maintenance today. The game starts, play about 30 seconds, then it freezes for a few minutes, and after that either me or others in the game will disconnect

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Having the same problem, game freezes and then speeds up and someone drops, and game freezes again and repeat.

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This seems to be happening in games that hold more than 4 human players. Played a couple 2v2 AI games and 1v1s and they were fine. 3v3 and 4v4 human games just instant crash.

2v2 lagg and crash for me too!

I´ve managed to play 2 out of like 12 games today. They need to fix this asap.

Game Version:

  • Build (latest at time of server maintenance)
  • Platform (Steam)


Before the server maintenance, we were not experiencing crashes very often. But in three out of three games today, multiple players disconnected from the game some time into it. In the first game, one player paused the game in the first few minutes. At this point the game became very laggy and choppy. Even when the player unpaused, the game did not become responsive for a few minutes, at which point it froze and windows said “waiting for DE to respond”. It never did and I had to force close the app. One of my teammates had the same happen.

In the next game, it got extremely choppy and laggy around 40 minutes into the game. My teammate paused the game but the same thing happened - it did not become responsive for me after unpausing and it ultimately showed the windows error again. It appeared that 4/6 of us were disconnected from the game. And as my teammate finished, it appeared the other opponent was not playing and that DE hadn’t reported him as disconnected yet.

In the third game, it become unresponsive for my teammate 50 minutes into the game and had to be closed in the same manner. This time no pausing was necessary.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Play a 3v3 ranked game (in my case, my two teammates where on the east coast but I on the west, but we played in the EASTUS server)
  2. You’ll likely experience lag as the game gets complex. Try to pause it at this point. Then unpause. The game will likely become unresponsive.
  3. Also try pausing early in the game to see what affect it has.

I tried two games today February 24, 2020. Both games were terribly laggy. One frame for about 10-20 seconds and then the game is on like fast replay. Nothing was working. it was a 4v4 on arabia. I tried searching for a new game and it took over 6 minuntes. I cancelled the search and started over again. the next game was a 3v3 also on arabia and it also was laggy, but not quite as bad. Still unplayable.

Playing on US west from British Columbia, Canada.


In 4 ranked team games and 1unranked team game, I have same problem with SuperZorg.

Build (latest at time of server maintenance)
Platform (Steam)
Playing on Asia, US west, Korea, Brazil, and Europe from Japan.

i have exactly the same issue as described by Superzorg

out of 5 games only 1 of them eventually became stable enough to play, but this was after 2 people had already dropped

Before the server maintenance i was able to play 18/20 Games. Now i was able to play 1/6. I always defended the game and the defs, but it’s getting ridiculous.

lately all the updates have pretty much made the game worse,

first lobbys started being invisible in the browser,
then we get the autocorrect that noone asks for that pretty much just censors harmless words while allowing things like n1g*** and hundreds of other circumventions to chew people out with
then all but the EUW server dissapears for a day

and now the game is just straight up unplayable…

I have the exact same issue, was able to play about 1/5 games.

Made a new topic for this issue.