[Discussion Balance]Crenellations vs Artillery

I think the tech Crenellation should give +1 range so it can effectively counter all bombard cannons including Turks that have Artillery.

Turks one is more costly but it is researched faster and affects multiple units.

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… why? It’s not like teutons have a bad match up against one of the worst civ in the game


That’s a weird way to spell “I wanna necro my thread about BBC being OP”

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i don’t think is necessary, probably that make teutons more OP, if u a thinking on Arena meta teutons are already top 1 or 2 Civ of that map.


In theory, yes they would have as gunpowder units counters both infantry and heavy armored units.

necro? I probably wrote in my bombard cannon thread to lower turks range too, so this buff isn’t necessary as the turks would have the same range.

Yeah 14 range might be too good but Turks get tower that can reach bbc with Artillery, Ship that can reach trebuchets and longest range bbc that can counter too well trebuchets

And despire this turks are still terrible while teutons are not

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Just what I thought. The same nonsense put another way.

It’s not like BBT projectiles take forever to reach their targets, which allows a player that look at their screen to dodge the canonballs.

Who isn’t terribly afraid of a ship that literally loses to any other ship available?

We are discussing the civ that can’t put halbs in front of their siege, so they need a super expensive meatshield to protect it. And they are stuck with no siege engineers and basic mangonels, and siege rams without SE are done better by pretty much every other civ that gets them, since, you know, they have better units than spearmen to protect them. So Turks having one better than average siege option sounds only fair.


Turks are ■■■■ and you want them to be nerfed because you think bbcs are op? Lmao


Teutons were? They were recently buffed and no one disagrees that turks might need a buff but not on the gunpowder section.

good luck doging bbc with castle, lmao

as turks don’t have other ships…

‘super expensive’, They are stuck with no siege because they have a better alternative that can counter all siege. There are other civs who have terrible siege but it is not like they have the best siege in game of one of them.

No, i actually want to buff crenellation

Ever heard of cav archer / cav in general?
Even Pikes can kill BBC.

Might as well give a +4 so castles can counter trebs as well
Because definitely a building should be able to fight a siege unit

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? Cav archer have 14 range?

hmmm what is the point of crenellations, according to you?

What about hit and run?

Replacement for Bracer but just castles
Also, BBC are already bad against Teutonic Castles (except Turks, which are already a terrible civ anyways)
Also, the generic one has 12 range, not 14
Get your facts right please

A tech that doesn’t need a buff since teutons castle gets outranged only trebs and turks bbc

You want to buff the arguably best castles in the game so they can nullify the only viable siege option the arguably worst civ in the game have. Nonsense


Which they should

The ONLY good thing about Turks vs Teutons

(This is in support of your argument btw, just wanting to clarify)

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Turks still have trebuchet with 16 range? I am just pondering the effect of crenellation.

So Crenellations need like +5 range to get in range Tatar trebuchets?

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BBT = bombard tower bruuuuuuuuh

Ok so let me tell you a thing: Canon Galleon are vital to have but only because they are the only reliable way to kill defenses on water maps. Otherwise they just suck. Like you need to be sure to have won many battles and have the lead on the water to be able to use them safely. And even then you can forget to research the elite upgrade it won’t matter, the upgrade sucks too. Long story short: if the Turk (or any other civ really) player can defend his cannon galleons he has pretty much won already.

Well you can compare the price of a camel with the price of a spearman and find out which one is more expensive.

Then why do Ethiopian have a full siege tech tree where each and every single of their siege units (including the BBC) is buffed by the unique tech?

To counter Turks. Which would be an indirct nerf.

But then why be Turks in that case when you’d be better of with literally any other civ? As other said, it’s like the only good Turks get to enjoy when fighting Teutons.

Crenellation OP with good map create thousands of trebs and put around castles. I had one opponent really did that with protecting king I could win my all in troops. If my opponent was better I may not win that was stalemate.
What is wrong with you dude. We don’t want to dominant civ some civs can be better than others but your idea not good.