(Discussion) Inca needs anti-cavalry please

I have been playing several ranked games lately with Incas, and I am losing a lot for the same reason, I have no viable anti-cavalry unlike all other civilizations. Although they have Plumed Spearman and Ball Warriors, they are not effective against cavalry at all.
If we analyze, the Spearman even though it has more HP than the European pikerman, generates much less damage and also costs a lot of food (in my opinion, despite being an Inca unit it has a very high food cost), they nerfed a long time ago its siege capacity, because as it was not very efficient against cavalry, it was used more than anything to besiege.
On the other hand, we have the ball warrior, this unit already made a topic talking about this man.

I disagree on the idea of ​​taking out the multipliers against ranged cavalry, although I must admit that the ruytier and dragon formations are destroyed, but cavalry units in general destroy them for two reasons, first because it cannot micrea like dragons, and second because they have resistance against range and not against melee, therefore they are more efficient against heavy infantry and not against the melee cavalry itself. I believe that this can be corrected and also what is suggested in the topic above, if only the resistance at a distance was changed, it would be changed to resistance to melee.

Finally, just from experience, I can say that I was able to repel the melee cavalry in general thanks to the Pukara, and the fact that I agreed chimu runners and bola warriors, this is a bit sad, it does not fit the battles we were used to in the previous version.

I do this topic, because a little time ago, a German and a French beat me based on heavy cavalry, and although I tried to use ball warriors, chimus and spearman to confront them, there was no case, the uhlanos and the cuirassiers did it. they ate alive.

Summary: Reduce spearman costs and change warrior ball resistance from ranged resistance to melee resistance.

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Plumed Spearmen are already spammable as it is, and if you change the resistance type of Bolas Warriors, they will no longer have any unit able to face Dragoons.

Use Spears to kill Hand Cav (which has to get close anyway) and Bolas to kill Ranged Cav.

Yes, my friend, I know, but the coraseros and even the improved uhlanos destroy the spearmen, it is very sad, even if memory serves, even the hussars can defeat them.
On the other hand, I think the area effect and multipliers that ball warriors have are more than enough to counteract the dragons.

Chinese need more against cavalry ability too

Oh, thanks for quoting my opinion. As I have said in the past, I have suggested that instead of allowing Bolas warriors to take the perfect role as Musketeers and be trained from the 2nd age in the WH, we have to create a shock infantry that takes on the same role as Aztec’s EK.

Some Inca’s unit design is also designed to take on several roles as in Sweden, but such unit design method does not fit into the AOE series that actively uses the counter system, and BW’s incorrect numerical adjustments are likely to make them OPs just like Carlos.

I affirm that it’s not a good design to break the foundations built by past developers because they’re not original. The reason the units have such a design is for a reason.

my suggestion is

  1. Bolas Warrior: Change from musketeer to skirmisher, giving extra damage to infantry and ranged light cavalry. Spanish conquerors are ranged light cavalry in the game, consistent with history. They are not good at dealing with heavy cavalry.

  2. Huaraca: Add the Eagle Warrior label, give extra damage to artillery and give normal damage to Heavy cavalry(because the siege damage is very high, it is not suitable for extra damage to heavy cavalry). The description says that he is good at attacking artillery, but he has a short attack distance and no extra damage. Increasing speed can improve this situation. Not good at dealing with ranged light cavalry.

Huaraca deal Siege damage that is practically a 4x damage against artillery because they have 75% range resistance.

Bolas Warrior are good as a Heavy Infantry, the Inca don’t need another unit to counter Heavy Infantry they need an anti Heavy Cavalry unit.

Yes, the Incas lack a complete list of troops.
Same as the Swedes, but Sweden gets more mercenaries for free,
The Incas need to consume a card to obtain additional native warriors, including ranged light cavalry.

The Incas should increase the eagle warrior unit. I suggest Huaraca part-time. Because the eagle warrior is also good at dealing with artillery, this is consistent with the duties of Hualarka. You can think of him as a dragoon with good siege damage, but the effect on heavy cavalry is not good.

The Incas also had cards of the Spanish conquerors

It is clear that the developers hope that the Incas can only obtain professional troops against the heavy cavalry from the native warriors.

The truth is that I had forgotten about those 10 conquerors, but I think that like the Swedes, then the Incas should have the opportunity to produce the natives that are sent by letters at their embassy. In this way, the lack of cavalry and anti cab could be compensated with the shipments of renegade Spaniards, but I am afraid that this will break the Inca game.

That would actually be a really cool feature.
Has to be balanced of course.

Still the problem that they cost wood.

This whole issue could be solved, if Native civs got access to Mercenaries just like European and Asian civs do.
It is not like it was unheard of. Sellswords will fight for anyone that pays the requested amount.

Chimu runners slaughter everything that comes with a horse, I’m not sure why you need another unit.

eh I think just buff the Bolas warriors abit, their current rate of fire is 3, make it 1.5 like other ranged anticav unit, it should be balanced since they have long set up animation.

Also their support shipment, the one that cost gold needs to change since it buffs melee attack is just stupid, just make it a normal attack buff.

The same I thought, until I send them to fight against uhlans and cuirassiers, do the test if you don’t believe me.
I feel like they are only effective when they tank cavalry while bola warrior attack from behind.

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Haven’t had problems with uhlans, you get 3 chimu for 1 uhlan and no French survived long enough to get cuirrasiers.