There is something I can't understand about Inca's design

It seems that many people are indifferent to the Incas and have no interest in what design they have. So I would like to suggest what problems they have and how to solve them.

  1. Livestock
    The Incas nurtured llamas can act on behalf of the villagers at Community Plaza. I think it’s a good design, but the only livestock that can be active in CP is llama. I think it would be better if the Incas could not raise any livestock, but if all livestock could be active in CP.

  2. Priestess
    Priestess is a unit that inherits the Priest of AOE2. But Priestess is much stronger than AOE2’s units, because it can take control of enemy units. When fighting the Incas, you should always remember this if your opponent has a priestess. However, attacking the Priestess will cause your units to miss the chance to attack the enemy. That said, it’s important to remember that if you ignore the Priestess, your unit can be owned by the Incas. They have high HP and have no tags, so they can also be used as tank units.

  3. Jungle archer

They are archer units, but too weak. Instead, they have dot damage. I’d like to argue that dot damage is an unsuitable factor for the game, and I would like to say that it’s better to allow them to use cards to have an additional multiplier and have a rate of fire to 1.5. Also, you must remove their dot damage. Developers don’t seem to be able to buff jungle archers because they have dot damage.

  1. Chimu runner

Just make it the same as the Coyote Runner. Non-snare doesn’t match the game at all and it’s OP.

  1. Bolas Warrior

The Bolas Warrior is probably designed to perform the same role as the Eagle Knight. However, they are heavy infantry, capable of range attack and have ranged snares. That’s weird. To make them really want to play the role of Eagle Knight, they need to change the tags and make them have only a multiplier for heavy cavalry. In order to make them take on the role of heavy infantry, they must give high ranged attack power like musketeers and powerful melee attacks to cavalry. If they want to play as heavy infantry, such as the Musketeer, they have to give them a new shock infantry that can take on the role of Eagle Knight for the Incas. Whatever role you grant, you must eliminate their ranged snare and area attacks.

The vague assignment of roles makes them lose their chance to play. As I remember they received only buff in the patch, but the Inca players using them are hard to find.

  1. Huaraca

Huaraca seems to have been designed as a siege unit. But rather, they don’t have anything they need.

First off, Huaraca’s siege range is too low. The range of 20 makes it easy to be shot by other units. Also, they consume 2 pop. That’s another factor that lowers their Evaluating. Bolas Warrior’s Area Damage must Be given to Huaraca.

  1. Maceman

Maceman feels like the Inca’s final weapon. However, because it can be trained in Kalinka, it is compared to the Aztec skull. Even if they have really strong abilities, we need to make sure that they are only trained in CP so that they can be convinced.

  1. Dock

Inca’s dock units are too few. However, they delegate all sea battles to Chincha. Perhaps that is why Chincha has stats that cannot be understood.

I am not asking you to make the European ship absolutely unbeatable. Their stats have to be reconsidered, and canoes to the Incas.

  1. Others

I don’t know what the Developers wants the Incas to look like to confront the other civilization, but once they have plagiarized many elements of other civilizations in too many ways. advanced TP available from the beginning and the TC boom available from the 2age makes it difficult to see if they are Portuguese or Inca. Also, unlike Portugal, they don’t need a lot of villagers to gather food. It also makes it easy for them to build many walls and carry out a strategy called turtles.

It doesn’t get any attention, but Inca has the potential to have a design that is not bad with a little touch. I wish they would make Aztecs invisible and no longer harass other civilizations with countless walls. What I want to tell them again is that just because they look different from the old ones doesn’t necessarily mean they’re useful, and if you don’t adjust the universal stats that the new ones have, they become OP or useless.


I have some suggestions

  1. The llama works in the community square and is the only animal to raise, why not directly increase the feeding function in the community square?

  2. The Priestess belongs to the military unit. If she works in the community square, she will leave her post to respond to the military call. Hope she will not respond again.

  3. Chimu Runner, not worth training. The enhanced Chasqui, numerically wins.But after the card is issued, it becomes a guard-level light cavalry

  4. Bolas Warrior, his posture is very similar to Aztec’s Otontin Slinger. When you use cavalry to attack, you will find that he is a Musketeer. It is recommended that the label be changed to Skirmisher+Falconet

  5. Huaraca is good at attacking artillery, but the attack distance is very short. The card should fully strengthen the range.

  6. Maceman can be obtained for free from the community square. The card is to reduce costs, I do not understand

  7. There are unique Inca fishing boats made in the home city but they are not used

  8. It is best for Inca to build granaries similar to Dutch banks to have food sources

. The Inca Empire is Tawantinsuyu, which means “the alliance of the four places”,
However, there are more than 3 types of aboriginal allies, and a surprising number of military units can be obtained in the treaty
. Inca Trading Station can get remote attacks for free, but the damage is only 5.The arsenal acquired by Sweden has not weakened.The same is the advantage of civilization, but Sweden is better

To be sure, the basic specs of the Inca units are very low, and they rely on cards, economy, and disparate abilities for everything.

Totally agree with your suggestions, I have also created a similar thread regarding these issues of Inca, Chimu runners should be snared, it’s not obeying to design of aoe3 when a unit can dodge snare. And Jungle archers require a buff among with Bolar Warrior, not only that, but also Inca has one of the worst unit shipments in the third age, 8 Jungle archer and 9 chimu runners shipments should be increased by +1 atleast.

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Being honest here, snaring is one of the worst mechanics in AoE3, for Hand Infantry.
I think Hand Infantry units should be immune to it, as that is the real reason they never get used, because they never get to deal damage without getting caught up.

Hand units are not very popular than ranged units in aoe3, but the thing is that one unit having ability to dodge snare while others don’t is a balance issue, it is giving an undeserved edge to chimu runners in raids.

I give you my opinion as an Inca main in process (?

1-The llama normally generates very little aura in the community square, even improving it with a carte, it is equivalent to 0.25 and 0.50 villager respectively (please correct me if I’m wrong), I only find it OP on maps of South America, where there are llamas wandering on the map. Personally, I only create them in a competition where I need the villagers to work and have food to spare.

2-This I think should already be something that should be reviewed but for all civilizations with all their priests, maybe a future update only focused on the “holy” units, it would seem unfair to only nerf the Incas for that, but it also seems unfair that only the Incas have the wololo.

3- I agree

4- Agree too

5- The warriors balls are designed more historically than to the basic laws of the game, the boleadora wraps itself between the legs of any quadruped animal, knocking it down or slowing it down. It makes no sense that it affects only the heavy cab and not the light cab, just think about it (?. (Ps: I usually use them combining them with the archers, it’s a good combo)

6- I still do not understand the huaraca, I like to think that it is a culverin with a lot of siege, normally it is the only thing I have to destroy artillery, but if I play against a European civilian that only takes artillery, but yes, I would love it to have a little more in range, I find them very difficult to use in a free field, but very efficient near a pukara.

7- I think the design of the maceman is confusing, I still don’t know if it is a skull knight, or if it is an equivalent to the Iroquois battering ram.

8- I think if canoes are added, it would be perfect.

9- Finally, I can tell you that I liked the Inca design a lot, and it is quite well and balanced to have a building for automatic food production. It has weaknesses and strengths like any other civi, perhaps like the Swedes at the beginning, the Incas are not being used as they should, for example, there are a lot of mechanics that help to cooperate with the natives, but it is very rare to see that an Inca decides to ally himself with a native.

2.Thats OP if Priestess wololo merces/mahout lancer etc. Wololo is not an element in aoe3.

6.This unit when I faced they usually kill my inf better than killing my artillery, they should get higher range, lower siege attack but with more multiplier to artillery, to make them like an anti-artillery/siege unit not abus.

9.Trickle house should be cancelled. Super unfair to other native civs.

  1. I wish Haud and Lakota’s Healer could also work on CP. Even if they play cards.

  2. Priestess’ Wololo isn’t really that bad, but it’s hard to punish them. It’s okay for them to be used as tankers through Wololo, but I think the problem is that they have too much HP. Also they can control the guardian. It must also be prevented.

  3. Their basic limit should be around 5. And they should be able to increase their limits through cards that strengthen the Priestess.

  4. Reduce their HP or increase the time to take control. They have limitations anyway, so they won’t have to consume the population any more.

  1. Incas have llama cards anyway. I don’t think it’s a problem at all if they can’t train llamas on the farm.

  2. All livestock must be able to work on CP. That would make the Incas initially consider collecting livestock treasures.

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In my opinion, most civilizations are hard to punish the Inca turtle. game is only for the Incas if they build numerous walls and fortresses and decide to rely on auto-generated buildings.

They can have 2TCs from 2age like Portugal and have more TC than Portugal if they play the card once again on 3ages. Nevertheless, their villagers limit is 99. It can be argued that this is a serious violation of balance.

Dutch and Japanese have the Similar resource-generating buildings, but their number of settlers is limited to 50 and 75. Incan can do the TC boom more easily than they do, but it’s harder to punish than them. This is an obvious problem. I think we should remove some of the extra TC cards from them, limit the villagers to 70 and limit the number of Kanchas to 10. And I think it would be okay if I raised the price of Kancha to 155w and supported a population of 20. If so, I think it would be okay if they generate 0.9 of food.

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They don’t seem to have that bad mechanics, except that their unit composition is so similar to Aztec and some of the cards plagiarized Haud or Portugal. Unlike the Swedes, with a few design changes (like some AOE2 gimmicks, such as combat units entering buildings,) and tweaks they will become more individualistic than they are now and a civilization that fits the AOE3 multi-balance.

This is indeed very weird because livestock is map-dependent.
This is like shrines attracting only one type of animal, or Indians only being able to gather exp from cows.

Japanese can also use livestock to increase the speed of resource generation in the shrine, and Indians can also generate XP from livestock other than cow. It’s strange that the Incas only let llama work in CP.

For me the design of just building a house can get stable and good income is very ridiculous.

You also mentioned a problem I forget, their army can enter building is also crazy, they can micro to be more easily to defend.

If they want inca to be prototype of aoe2, why don’t let inca house cost 100w only provide 5 pop without auto generating food.

Inca are not that strong.
I used to hate the civ until a friend of mine started playing it and I had to learn how to play against them to beat him.
Once you are aware of all of their gimmicks and what their units do the civ is really not that strong.


In my opinion, Bolas Warrior is a very strange unit for Inca. What Inca need is a eagle warrior type unit, not a musketeer type unit (for it can effected by team musketeer cards). Inca need an anti-cav unit which can run fast to chase and defend the raiding cav, and survive under the cav’s melee attack. In current games, Bolas Warrior have no advantage against almost every unit: they can’t shoot against musketeer, light cav, range infantry, they may be easily blasted by artillery. Even when they against cav, they may be surrounded and kill by cav without protection of Inca’s melee infantry, cause they only have 4 speed and can’t hit-&-run. It’s nearly useless, because it play a weird role in the game. I think the better way to buff it, is to adjust its speed up to 6 (as eagle warrior is 6), change its tag into shock infantry(eagle warrior type), and make it wont transfer to melee mode while it is surrounded.

The unit is not bad. They counter ranged cav as well and have área damage.
My only issue with the unit is that they are a bit too similar to other units so its quite easy to delete your whole cav mass by thinking you are targeting jungle bowman or huaracas

This is what I want to say. BW look like a mix of musketeer and eagle knights, but this is a factor that lowers it evaluation. BW need to be split into two units or take on the role of Eagle Knight alone.

Suggestion 1. Move the Bolas Warrior’s train building to the War Hut, and remove area damage, ranged snares, and cavalry multipliers from their ranged attacks and deal higher damage. It also adds cavalry multiplier to melee attacks.

Adds a Javelin Soldier (tentative) that replaces the existing Bolas Warrior, and allows it to take on the same role as the Eagle Knight.

Suggestion 2. Change Bolas Warrior’s tag and multipliers to the same as Eagle Knight and remove area damage and ranged snares.