DLC Idea: Duchies of Germany

So as I was planning a possible trip to France and Germany next year, a thought just came to my mind:

What would you say, if we have a theoretical DLC, called the Duchies of Germany?

The three new civs in mind:

As for Teutons, would you prefer a rework like the Hindustanis, or stay as it is?

Feel free to add your unique units and boni ideas below!


Although there might mave been a lot of duchies in central Europe, they were really quite homogenous in culture, military etc.
Splitting up the Indians made sense because it was a whole continent with many many different cultures and different military

So the UU for these would be: Prussian Knight, Lorrainian Knight and Austrian Knight :stuck_out_tongue:


Very original thread!

It’s definitely worth everyone’s time to retread the same tired arguments again. Thank you so much.


From civ splits to antiquity civs…I want to go back to new and middle ages civs…
Sorry but only the Indian civ deserved the split the most.


Well, there are a few other civs which would deserve a split at the moment… The most prominent one being in Asia.
Hell, I would even argue some of the DoI civs should be split again before we considered breaking the so-called Teuton umbrella.


The split of Teutons should never happen


How about no?

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Ah yes lets add the ducal territory that didnt unite until after the 80 years war

Austria which I dont like but at least makes sense compared to the other two

And Lorraine, the region that was divided and not very influential in the middle ages with the only notable thing probably being that they were part of Lotharingia

Those are just Eurooean names that you mentioned because they are famous


If Teutons split, they need to be split in the 4 “Weltiichen Kurfürstentümer” + Habsburg/Austria

Bohemia (maybe a different name ;))

And ofc the Teutonic Order.

Also you can debate about Bavaria and/or Denmark. Also Swiss and Flandern can probably be worth considering.

The thing is, German history is very complicated cause of the unique system that lead to a quasi-stable allianze of smaller kingdoms. Therefore the HRE is probably just the best representative as a umbrella.
Also need to be mentioned that the HRE actually also had the name affix “of the teuton nation” which is actually how they are called in game.
Though there is very little remains of any teutonic origin in nowadays germany. Teutons were only chosen because they were famous in the ancient literature as they were one of the first tribes of the german migration period that collided with the romans. And romans were kinda intimidated by the Teutons.

Another way could be to divide in the diferent germanic groups like



Maybe austria and swiss but other than that HRE is already split.

I really like the idea of adding more European civs especially from central and northern Europe.

Concerning these debates on wheter such additions are merited based on various reasons, I would argue that medieval Europe is the very essence of AOE 2 and what the game was intended to be. However I am not against adding civs from across the globe that fits into that period as well.

The above being said, I look forward to seeing a new DLC adding more central and northern European civs, with a new Northern European architecture set…

Such a DLC could certainly include German Duchies so long as they are fun to play with and fit into medieval Europe…


I wouldn’t hate getting more European civs down the linez but right now the only new European civ I want is Romanians/Vlachs/Wallachians

No idea what could be paired with it for a DLC.

Half of the civs when the game released where from Asia, so no, AoE2 being an exclusively eurocentric game from the start is a myth that people should stop spreading. At it’s core it’s a game about civilisations from all around the world coming into contact, three out of the five campaigns from the base game either cover the crusades or the creation of a transcontinental empire and it’s made even more obvious with the conquerors focusing on the Reconquista, the discovery of the Americas and the invasion of Rome by steppe nomads.


I did not imply that the game is or was ever intended to be Eurocentric, simply medieval. When I imagine the middle ages, and this is purely my own imagination, I rarely think outside of Europe, however I recognize that there is an entire world outside of Europe that also existed and thrived during this period. So I am simply saying that to me, no other criteria matters for adding new civs, other than the timeframe and to an extent the history of the civ along with its playability

I am certainly for and not against adding new civs and DLC’s and would love to see many more from all over including southern Africa…

Adding the conquerors expansion to the original game was perhaps stretching the timeframe, but with great new civ additions and scenario builder options that made the game much more fun to play, so once again yay for adding civs and architectures!

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If there is a european expansion to come I would probably prefer civs like


Or a balkan expansion if the neurotic wranglers can bring themselves to one table.

(And yes this is intentionally provocative.)

Wasnt it “of the German Nation”?

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that’s what’s it was rebranded later on.
Originally it was the “Regnum Teutonicum” which means nothing else than “Teutonic Kingdom”.

But just looked after it, there were a lot of different namings of this construct.
Also indicating that it wasn’t like formally settled, it was really more an alliance.


Teutonic is another name for German. Yes, modern German, not ancient German

Most interestingvthing the Finns did was being conquered. They didnt even build cities or had famous leaders. Not even sure if theres any well recorded chiefdoms

We already have Lithuanians who can represent all Balts since the rest of them while better recorded and more interesting than Finns arent a big deal either

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We call our language and our state “Deutsch”, but that doesn’t has to do with the german tribe of the teutons. It’s just so that “Deutsch” means nothing more than “of the people/folks”. The Word hasn’t survived in our language, but has actually become the word FOR our language- As the elites for a long period of time spoke latin. So “Deutsch” means nothing else but “Language of the common people”.
And inspired of this Germany “Deuschland”, means basically “State of the common people”.And this was intentionally named so by the revolutionaries that fought against the nobility.

It’s NOT “Teutonic”. It’s “Deutsch” in the literral meaning of the word, NOT because of the germanic tribe that is known under the same word.