DLC Idea: Swiss, Romanians, Venetians

These are the top 3 most requested European civs from what I’ve seen on the polls, with Serbs and Croats being a close 4th and 5th but they could work in a slavic DLC.

The Italians can be renamed Genoese.

There’s already a few civ concepts out there, but even without the concepts I can see the Swiss as a Pikeman civ (would be really interesting to have a civ with very powerful pikemen), the Romanians a Paladin & Skirmisher (the skirmisher is a fun nod to Vlad the Impaler) and Venetians of course a naval & trade civ (maybe being very good in team games with providing a lot of gold support).

Some concepts:



Stop spamming all the same civ ideas, it’s really annoying.


Stop spamming my topics, it’s really annoying.

All the dlc’s so far have been tied to a geographical area but these 3 factions are from different parts of europe.
Maybe swiss and venice can be one dlc and romanians and someone else can be another.

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There are many Pikemen Civs. You need to come up with a idea as to what do you want to see exactly. Incas is a civ full of pikes. Teutons can perfectly recreate Swiss. They speak the same language you want for Swiss. They are a defensive civ. You can entirely rely on your pikes who have +1 armor in the Castle Age and +2 armor in the Imperial Age. And after researching Crenellations they can also garrison and shoot arrows from Towers and Castles.

Romanians will yet be another addition to same Slavic Cavalry civilizations. We have 6 variations of Slavic Civs already and 5 of them are cavalry specialists. You can use any of them to represent Romanians.

Venetians being a trade and naval civ, isn’t Italians the exact same thing? It is specializing in Trade as well as Navy.


You know you can change text and civ icon easily using mods and it is multiplayer friendly as well. If you don’t have a special civ that cannot be represented by any other civs in the game, then there is absolutely no need for it.


Polls here are not representative of the whole community. We have seen what these forums think of adding Romans, but in the youtube teaser comments I mostly see a positive reception, sorted by more recent first.

Rededit also has a whooping majority of people wanting the roman civi.


I wouldn’t need to do it if you weren’t breaking the rules of the forum. It’s literally in the list of things you can’t do, to spam topics. You have literally made 15ish variants of the same topic, asking for one of the same civs in almost every single one, usually the Romanians. It’s against the rules, and it’s incredibly annoying, please stop doing it.


Not to mention on the forums, African/Asian and even American DLCs lead the polls. ;p