DLC Lord of the West - 2 New Civs

Don’t get me wrong, I am an avid player. Paid for other expansions etc. I just have been a big advocate for the game and its growth and I just think this is a very poor model. Its like the old sell a software package model vs the pay for a yearly sub or some newer models. I also think the game is still in an infancy stage. They are working on balancing, tournament structure, etc. So when new people come to the game and are playing it for the first time as it grows and they find they need to pay additional amounts to have the full experience/be competitive I just think it will be a turn off.


And Slavs too) (Slavs = Russians, Poles, Czechs, Bulgarians (they are here)…)

Well, to be honest, I wouldn’t have bought HD if it weren’t for the Forgotten Empires expansion I was really hyped about.

The thing is that the casual crowd wants different things than the competitive one. There has to be a balance somewhere.

Balancing and funding tournaments has to be justified too from the devs from a financial point of view I guess too.


Eastern Europe got Liths and Bulgarians in the last expansion. It could be better but it isn’t that bad.


Yeah, Cranequiers would have been more original than a charging cavalry, and also very iconic of the Middle Ages.


both civs have huge spikes of power for all-in and cheese attacks.

Sicilian with 6 tcs? here take 42 sergeants.

Burgundi with 110 villagers?now they are a heavy militia.

Vineyards: take this 3k of gold if you are starving in late game.

those mechanics are different, but are extremely hard to balance. An even then they are not funny. Minion masters is a tug of war mostly based in luck and pretty casual, so the huge spike of power finishing games is not a big deal. On the other hand in AoE2 it will make the games lineal and repetitive.

I really dislike this design approach, and we will see in february a flood of complains about those 2 civilizations.


Well, they said explicitly it’s a work in progress. They might change a lot until release.

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Bulgarians lived in South Europe… East Europe got Lithuanians only.

Will we be able to get this new DE as an update for the DE that we already have or we should buy this new one?

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This a purchasable DLC, not a free update.

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I might be wrong but Bulgarians are South Slav people.

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So this will divide the community more and more, so if we want to get new things we should throw the old ones just because the devs add 1 or 2 new civs. I really find these things are stupid and sick things, so if the devs want to add new civs then just throw the old to play on the new with new ranks and new players bla bla bla…in every new civ we will have, this is ridiculous, i even wonder why did they do this?! We already have new 4 civs


They are not Slavs, Bulgars were a non-turkish steppe people taht conquered the area, and became “slavicized” over a long period of time.

Medieval Bulgarians were not very slavic.

No, it will work like HD, where you can play against the new content, even if you do not have it.


And will i be able to play with new civs? Can i pick them?

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No, not unless you buy the DLC, otherwise no one would buy it.

You will not be able to play the DLC civs or campaigns, unless you own the DLC.
But you will be able to play against those civs in MP, perhaps even play as them in limited days as a way to incentivize you to buy the DLC.

HD did this all already, and it worked. Most people just bought the DLCs.


The civ you use clearly has an effect on a competitive game, as they are not purely cosmetic skins, they behave differently. It’s simply not acceptable to have such a difference. If you look at very successful competitive games such as CSGO and Rocket League, they appear to understand this, and until now, I thought the devs of AoE II DE did too.


League of Legends has hundreds of champions which you cannot play right off the bat. I probably don’t need to say it but it works really fine, even with having Champion DLCs.

You can’t expect them to work forever for free.


My friend, I do not object to the payment or the price in general, I mean, it just seems ridiculous every time to add even one new civilization then you have to buy the new, the matter just does not seem logical, if these things should happen then they shouldn’t add new civa until 3 years from the last one, we already have 4 new civs


We need this:

After 50:


You cannot expect them to add new stuff for free, forever. You already got a hole lot of new Scenario elements, and even a game mode for free.

Civs and campaigns you just have to pay for, which I find fair, to be honest.
AoE2 DE at realease was already dirt cheap for all the content that it offers, and was priced as an expansion, which it also delivered.

Want more like I do?
Be willing to pay for it.