DLC - Other than new civs, what new features/content would you like to see added?

How is this different from training outlaws in existing buildings such as Taverns?
We still have so many potential native and religious minor civs in the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Dislikes native units that need to use population space.

Split Japan into the same size as the maps in the campaign. From Hokkaido and Honshu, it becomes Ezochi, Ōu, Kantō, Hokuriku, Tōkai, Kansai (Kinki), Setouchi, Kyushu, and Ryukyu. Make these maps available for regicide mode. Meanwhile, add Sakhalin, Formosa, Luzon, and Mindanao, and we have the complete first island chain.

If needed, I can explain what features each map here might have.

Something you didn’t mention and should be very easy to implement.

  • More customization for Home cities.
  • Officially swap sheep for domestic turkeys for the Aztecs.
  • Officially replace the cow skin with the zebu skin as the sacred cow of the Indians.
  • Allow the Japanese to produce their own traditional religious sacred deer instead of relying on the Dutch.
  • Introduce pigs as new livestock units. The Germans and Chinese can access them via cards etc., but the Ottomans, Indians, Hausas and potentially Persians and Omanis cannot eat them.
  • Rename Ashigaru Musketeer to the simpler and more accurate Ashigaru, and rename Morutaru too please.
  • Make Saltpeter Site appear on the Indian maps. There are no units, but nice trickles of coin and XP.
  • Deletable Manors!
  • Reworks for Asian ships!