DLC - Other than new civs, what new features/content would you like to see added?

Standarize Mill/Plantation times with other farms eliminating movement of the settlers inside of them


Or at least increase the creation limit. There are royal houses that allow creating an equivalent of more than 20 inhabitants, while there are Native American that only allow an equivalent of just over 10 inhabitants.


How is this different from training outlaws in existing buildings such as Taverns?
We still have so many potential native and religious minor civs in the Americas, Asia and Africa.

Dislikes native units that need to use population space.

Split Japan into the same size as the maps in the campaign. From Hokkaido and Honshu, it becomes Ezochi, Ōu, Kantō, Hokuriku, Tōkai, Kansai (Kinki), Setouchi, Kyushu, and Ryukyu. Make these maps available for regicide mode. Meanwhile, add Sakhalin, Formosa, Luzon, and Mindanao, and we have the complete first island chain.

If needed, I can explain what features each map here might have.

Something you didn’t mention and should be very easy to implement.

  • More customization for Home cities.
  • Officially swap sheep for domestic turkeys for the Aztecs.
  • Officially replace the cow skin with the zebu skin as the sacred cow of the Indians.
  • Allow the Japanese to produce their own traditional religious sacred deer instead of relying on the Dutch.
  • Introduce pigs as new livestock units. The Germans and Chinese can access them via cards etc., but the Ottomans, Indians, Hausas and potentially Persians and Omanis cannot eat them.
  • Rename Ashigaru Musketeer to the simpler and more accurate Ashigaru, and rename Morutaru too please.
  • Make Saltpeter Site appear on the Indian maps. There are no units, but nice trickles of coin and XP.
  • Deletable Manors!
  • Reworks for Asian ships!

I’d rather see new maps than new civs.

Sounds good, though I would like to open up Regicide as a proper mode, applicable to a number of maps around the world - not just Japan (however those listed should definitely be in).

° Rework Caravanserai as a new and unique building for Ottoman, Indian, and potentially Berber and Moroccans (by Hausa alliance).

° Real Nomad mode

° Totally new kinds of map object (beside Trading Posts, Native sites, Treasures). Example: neutral factions with whom you can engage in diplomacy with (think similar to pirates in anno1701).

° A rework of the Mount/Dismount ability. More units that can mount horses. Horses as a useable/trainable thing.

° A “random cards” mode.


And by new maps we mean new biomes and terrain, not RMS.

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more friendly interface for editor, the trigger part is quite a mess and without search option, quite time consuming when trying to test unit upgrades.

UX/UI Rework, please!
This is urgent


I want more non-European maps (especially in South America and Central America) and more minor civs.

Also an Indian split ane non-Religious minor civs for Asia.


Bonjour, ce que j’espère un jour voir, c’est une campagne de conquête du monde où on peut choisir quelle zone attaquer pour l’annexer et obtenir un bonus grâce à cette conquête de la zone.


Well, the regent and his castle are clearly Japanese.

In UTC +8, today is the fist day of the new lunar year. This year is the Year of Dragon.
Have you ever used this card in a game?

I am aware.

Whilst strangely exclusive as a Japanese map in-game, it doesn’t have to be does it? In fact it’s odd that it is.

Regicide was a fun past-time for many civs arounds the world. This was an age of civil wars and revolutions that normally led to Royal heads being chopped off. With this in mind, why not open it from a very nice map to a more global Mode?

Yes the current Regent and Castle are very Japanese however why not have a proper Regicide Mode which depending on the map you choose (from a pool of select Euro, Asian, African, American etc map) you would get a regionally-appropriate Castle/Fortication and Regent? Or even have the civ your playing as determine the castle and regent - i.e pick Spanish and get Mediterranean-looking fortication/palace with a Mediterranean Regent/equivelent.


A Paris map with a King Louis and a Bastille would be awesome. Could have some barricades and revolutionary mobs on there instead of just a wall.

The Ottomans also did a whole lot of fratricide so a map for that would also be very fitting.


Speaking of maps, if there’s an AoE2 Atacama map, it would be great if there was an AoE3 Atacama map


Oh yeah, I’ve suggested Atacama a few times before.


Mmm o agregar un envío que permita revolucionarse una edad antes.

I remember playing aoe3 a lot with my friends. The reason I stopped is only 1. The pathing and formation movement is awful. If this is somehow changed to more fresh movement of the units, this will be the best aoe without any doubt.

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The problem is that either that would give a mediocre result or, in the worst case, poorly balanced revolutions.

For me a variant civilization should have its own units, mechanics, bonuses and cards, maybe even some unique buildings. That’s why I say that it is mediocrely implemented in AOE IV

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AoE 3 doesnt need variant civs, they are just highly costumizable by homecity cards and revolutions.

Broad templates can be made like European bases, so all Europeans can be understand as variants of each other.