DLC - Other than new civs, what new features/content would you like to see added?

So, new Civs aside (after all we know that they’re definitely coming!), what new content, typical of an DLC/Expansion pack would you like to see?

In ye olde times the original War Chiefs pack came with new civs, new mercs, maps, new units for existing civs (Horse Gun and Spies I believe), etc

In the most recent ones, we’ve seen new mercs, maps, outlaws and such.

What things do you want to see?

I’d personally like to see:

  • More Minor Civs (although completely linked to what new maps we get!) - maybe even an Expeditionary Camp native - i.e a Colonial Camp where you can train those Colonial outlaw types (and potentially could be available on loads of non-Euro maps) - I want to some pith-helmet soldiers! (could tie in with the below suggestion)
  • Some Royal House native + Royal Embassy Wagon ties to Euros (other than French and Germans who have this ‘trait’ now)
  • Some more interesting Map Modes and a little love for Regicide as an acutal mode instead of that Honshu map!
  • More interesting Shipments to existing civs - I love the trickle of new cards we get through updates, though I’m all for more of them!
  • A rework to Lakota - Buffalo Pounds, some skin/name reworks, just some more love for them!
  • Some attention to the existing Natives as a whole - for example bespoke ‘Community Plaza’-role buldings (like a Temple for Aztecs).
  • Cheat Units - would be nice to see a couple of new ‘quirky’ units via cheats.
  • British Manors - Give them a new skin please! They’re Unique so deserve some love (personally I’d rename to Cottages and give them an appropriate texture - they were far more common than Manors and are rather British).

Regardless of which civilizations are in the DLC, I want more maps, more minor civilizations and I also want more revolutions, but before the latter I think that the current revolutions should be improved to the same level as the French revolution.


actual functional attack-move and pathing

which will never come


Improved huntable visibility

More land Regicide maps
(Regicide Daimyo shadowtechs)

Utilize underused natives on more maps

Improved historical battle AI

Special maps for large player count and Diplomacy,
Diplomacy adjustments allowing the sharing of team bonus cards while allied.


Yes please.

I also hope the Devs take a leaf out of @AssertiveWall20’s book regarding naval AI


but seriously, a improved spectator mode is the most urgently needed feature

i will pay for a dlc for that only

then i will quit my dayjob and become a full time aoe3 commentator


You took the words right out of my mouth


Apart from new maps, minor civs, revs, game modes, etc., I’d like to see new cosmetic content for home cities.
Also new leaders, as we have discussed these past few days.

Campaign and historical battles would be great. But unfortunately they are relatively expensive to make.


True, though I should imagine we’ll see historical battles. Campaigns, as you say are expensive and time-consuming to make, though I’d love a proper (historical!) campaign.

What I’d really love is a ‘Conquer the World’ Risk-esque campaign, but that’s another world of effort!


Me too, it’s quite sad how only 3 or so campaigns are remotely historical, with the others being 100% made up with many striking anachronisms (like the Aztec Empire still existing during the Siege of Malta).

The historical battles were a step in the right direction, but I wish we could have got actual historical campaign like aoe2 (even if they are not too historically accurate sometimes)

This would actually be great. And much more realistic than a campaign. After all, we already have most of the assets (maps, civs, etc.), it would just be a new game mode.


I know that what I’m about to say is controversial, but I would love for the developers to take the revolutions a step further and allow us to use them from the beginning of the game, something similar to the AOEIV variant civilizations, but with more substantial changes.

I clarify that the mechanics of the variant civilizations do not seem bad to me, just mediocrely implemented, although I do not know if it is the fault of the AOEIV developers or on the contrary it is because the civilizations do not give as much play in the creation of variants.

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Expedition Camp sounds like a great idea.

For myself, I would add new Holy Sites such as the Hussite Camp, the Orthodox Monastery, the Catholic Basilica, the Protestant Settlement and the Synagogue. All this to end the recognition of this category of Minor Civilizations as Asian once and for all. Asia should get something completely new.

I want more of this! Double more…

More Units for Minor Native American Civilizations.


I fully agree with this. Maybe the Aztecs could get Chinampas as an unique economical building which can replace the [Farm] for them.

Yeah, that would be nice. Maybe some of the cheat units that were suggested by other users (including you @SirBarnzy1) from this thread that I created last year could be used as a reference for potential cheat units in the future.

Leppich’s Airship for example could be a new cheat unit. The airship was designed to have compartments for dropping fuse bombs and had gun mounts as well around its perimeter.


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We need a capybara with the shining red meme eyes that can shoot units with its laser eyes at a range of 162 and deals 500 siege damage per shot. It would be a funny joke while also referencing the range snafu from the recent patch. In this case you’d give it the LoS it needs to use its max range more easily.


And a Christmas Capybara variation
(with festive hat) that poops coal for all the naughty players.

  • single player content
  • better tools for spectating
  • new ranked system where you pick your civ after you know which map you’re playing.

Maybe somewhat easy to implement

  • Revolution mode, where you’re limited to go Revolution only and Imperial is not an option, and OFC, you can’t choose civs without rev feature.

  • Portraits for revolution Outlaw Cowboys variants and other Revolutionaries that already have a variant skin.

  • Campaign editor that allows you create a campaign with user made scenarios.

  • Begginer friendly mode that shows a decal of the main class icon under the unit for accesibility + the fanmade mod that gives the unit role description going official

  • Real Boar for European maps and not the African animal

Harder and more budget needed

  • A MP and Menu revamp like the concepts shown on the forum

  • Asian revamp and kicking all the exotism and historical fixes (Bye Kung Fu warriors, Tiger claws, Sowar name or model change, etc) and giving a new skin pack similar to the Europeans, that with certain upgrades they get modern units (but without balance change)


I think the biggest things we need are:

1 map ban in 1v1 ranked.
1 civ ban in 1v1 ranked.

Team games take to long to get to worry about civ bans. But a map ban would be nice (though if you go premade only the person running the search gets one).

Historical battles or historical maps like Italian Wars, The Great Turkish War, etc?


Proper cpu multithreading
No more memory bloats to be necesarry to restart game after 2 matches
Proper pathing
Proper attack move
No more vills stuck in buildings
No more indestructible building layouts on spies sent
Battery tower instead of tower for malta and italy
Long shot (longer than long) scaffoldings and “realtime” upgrades on all buildings during age up
One guy at one time said : i want my military guys to scream like tom the cat when shot :smiley: