DLC - request to the developers

*Proposals for new DLC (season pass) for AoE3 DE:

  1. Age of Empires III: The Spring of Nations: Austrians, Poles, Italians and Danish

  2. Age of Empires III: The African Powers: Barbary States, Ethiopians, Somalis, Zulu and Songhai

  3. renovated Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties with Tatars, Koreans, Persians and Thaians

  4. renovated Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs with Mapuche, Tupi, Mayans and United States


All those are already present as revolutions.

Koreans, Persians, Vietnamese and Siamese are solid choices but Tatars and Indonesians aren’t.


In my opinion, it would be cool if revolutionary countries were available from the beginning of the game (it could be exclusivity thanks to the DLC).

Tatars (they are in historical battles) and Indonesians (they are available during the revolution).


It would be better to play the mods that exist in the legacy.

As an aside, Koreans are not a very good option. They have never been caught up in colonization or conflict with colonial empires. The battle of Little Bighorn occur in the same year as they opened.

Tatar is already working as a Russian unit. The cavalry archer is the Tatar.


The DLC on African civilization is to be expected, but I was only disappointed by the ability of the developers to duplicate the existing civilization.

Rather, I would like them to only care about AOE2 without adding anything.

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Then don’t you want cool original base content?

But why limit yourself to colonial empires? The AoE 3 DE timeline abounds in numerous interesting empires that did not have colonies, but still delighted with their power and wealth, among others. Austria of the Habsburgs or the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which are examples of multinational states.

Poles is already working as a German unit. Uhlan is the Poles. There will be more such examples in the game. I omit the fact about the Polish card for the Germans (winged hussars) - who never functioned in German armies.

I’m always happy with the new additions in the game.


Because the stage of AOE3 is colonization. The purpose of this game is for all players to fight to develop and defend their colonies.

In other words, there should not be a colonial empire or a civilization that has nothing to do with colonial development.


It’s seen in many places that developers don’t really care about games right now.
Civs that are completely out of balance, Small number of campaigns, events that why they do, modes that cannot be applied, bugs that appear if you forget them, etc.

They have already ruined the memories of many people. I think it’s better to be interested in AOE2, which they really like

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So it is better to waste the potential just to stick to a rigid rule, which is not the key? After all, you can, for example, make a DLC about European countries with new campaigns, for example: The Swedish Deluge - Polish campaign, Sacco di Roma - Swiss defense campaign.


Only that AoE 2, in contrast to AoE 3, was not limited by a rigid subject (as in AoE 3 the theme of colonization), which concerned civilization and campaigns. To increase the interest in AoE 3 DE, you should break your focus on colonism and turn it into a typical good Age of Empires.

ps: you write as if you don’t want the best for 3

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All 3 native civs were already in the game before the warchiefs expansion.


With all the new revolutionary nations, it seems the “colonial theme” has already been somewhat abandoned.


I was always wondering why, with the huge number of European nations added as revolution options, I didnt see Italians, Poles, etc.?
The only explanation I can think of is the devs are planning to add them as playable nations some time later.


I think so too. I don’t want anyone to take it badly, but why can Hungarians free themselves from Russians? After all, Russia has never owned these lands. And the lack of Poland, which rebelled passionately against the Russian partition, is glaring. overall this revolution system is kind of bizarre, but still much better than the old version.

Tadeusz Kościuszko was a Polish-Lithuanian military engineer, statesman, and military leader who became a national hero in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, and the United States. He fought in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth’s struggles against Russia and Prussia, and on the US side in the American Revolutionary War. As Supreme Commander of the Polish National Armed Forces, he led the 1794 Kościuszko Uprising.


I believe that the revolution system will remain as it is - a nice diversification of the game with English or French. But it’s even better if you could play these nations from the very beginning. Right now they are just going to waste. All you have to do is give them your own Home City and they can become a full-fledged civilization. And their number will satisfy every lover of both Americas.


in what world does finns, hungarians and serbs, all nations that didn’t exist in the periode, get a higher priority than denmark and italy?


so what? its just a revo not a campaign, i dont like revos

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Finns, Hungarians are already in the game (revolution). The Serbs declared independence 7 years after the reunification of Germany. They were a key country in the Balkans. Later, under their leadership, the South Slavs united. In my opinion, the Balkan nation is not represented in this game. Byzantium would be great, but unfortunately not this age :frowning:
It is also worth noting that Serbia was a power before they were conquered by the Ottomans.

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There is already potentially a lot of new content in this game: civilizations to choose from in revolutions, civilizations in historical battles. In fact, new content is ready. But even having them, you still feel a void (especially in Eastern Europe and Asia).


Even if you say so, I have my own ideas.

I hope you don’t think that I don’t want the game to be the best because I don’t agree with you.

Adding DLC ​​isn’t just about making a perfect game. All eight European civilizations that existed in the original have their own individuality. The same goes for the civilizations that appeared in the two expansion packs that followed.

But what about Sweden and the Incas? Their designs are crappy and plagiarize the traits of other civilizations. This is the current situation of the developers. AOE3 is not AOE2. It is not a game that just gets cool just because there are many civilizations.

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