DLC Suggestion: Orthodox Nations from Eastern Europe

I suggest making a DLC for Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition with the following 5 civilizations:

  • Romanians
  • Serbians (I know we have Slavs, but they are basically Russians, we also have Bulgarians)
  • Albanians
  • Georgians
  • Armenians

The first 3 civilizations and last 2 are going to be more different, but they will all share their differences. For example the Romanians are latin, the Serbians are slavic while the Albanians are their own thing.

They all fought the Ottoman Empire at some point, but also other nations. Serbia was even an empire for a short time (1346–1371).

We can add 1 campaign for each new nation. We already have Vlad the Impaler’s campaign from Romania / Wallachia, but we can add his cousin’s campaign, Stephen the Great from Romania / Moldavia.

Long story short about Stephen the Great: His uncle killed his father in 1451 and took his throne. Stephen the Great fled to Hungary and helped by his cousin Vlad the Impaler to gain the throne of Wallachia in 1456. In return, Vlad the Impaler helped Stephen the Great take his father throne in the same year. In 1459, Stephen the Great became a Polish vassal, this infuriated King Matthias of Hungary. In 1462 he failed to besiege Chilia but succeded 3 years later. In 1467 King Matthias of Hungary attacked Moldavia and was beaten badly by Stephen the Great. Then Stephen the Great advanced in Transylvania. In 1469 King Matthias signed a peace treaty so he would stop. When Vlad the Impaler lost the throne of Wallachia to his younger brother, Radu the Handsome in 1462, Stephen the Great knew that a war with the Ottomans was imminent since he previously took Chilia. In 1470, Stephen the Great attacked Radu the Handsome in Wallachia. In response, the Ottoman Empire sent the Tatars to invade Moldavia but Stephen the Great defeated them at Lipnic and returned to Wallachia. In 1474, Stephen the Great finally defeated Radu the Handsome who fled to the Ottoman Empire and placed Laiota Basarab as ruler of Wallachia. But 2 years later Laiota Basarab switched sides (top 10 anime betryals). The same year Laiota Basarab switched sides, Mehmed II asked Stephen the Great to give up on Wallachia, give back Chilia and pay tribute to the Ottoman Empire. Stephen the Great refused and war was on. Mehmed II sent Suleiman Pasha and Laiota Basarab to deal with Stephen the Great. Who defeated them at the Battle of Vaslui in 1475. In 1476, Mehmed II came personally to fight Stephen the Great, he defeated Stephen the Great at the Battle of Valea Alba but was unable to take Moldavia’s capital, Suceava and eventually retreated. In the same year, Stephen the Great invaded Wallachia from the east while his cousin Vlad the Impaler invaded Wallachia from the west. Laiota Basarab fled to the Ottoman Empire, Vlad the Impaler was again ruler of Wallachia, but 2 months later Laiota Basarab returned with an Ottoman army and Vlad the Impaler was killed in battle. The war lasted for 8 more years. In 1484, the Ottomans eventually managed to reconquer Chilia and Cetatea Alba and incorporate them into the Ottoman Empire, then signed a peace treaty with Stephen the Great where he would have to pay tribute and become an Ottoman vassal. In 1494, the Polish King John Albert planned a replacement of Stephen III with Sigismund, his younger brother. The 13 years of peace ended. In 1497, the Polish army marched in Moldavia under the pretext to release of Chilia and Cetatea Alba from the Ottoman Empire. John Albert suddently attacked Moldavia’s capital, Suceava, but was unable to take and eventually retreated. On the way home, Stephen the Great attacked John Albert starting the Battle of Cosmin Forest heavly crippling the Polish army. In 1948, Stephen the Great sent armies to loot and plunder Poland. In 1499, John Albert signed a peace treaty so he would stop, the Polish suzeranity over Moldavia ended. In 1500, Stephen the Great stopped paying tribute to the Ottoman Empire again, and joined the Venetian - Ottoman war (1499 - 1503) together with Hungary, he defeated the Ottoman army again, but he could not recapture Chilia or Cetatea Alba. In 1502, the Tatars of the Great Horde invaded Moldavia but Stephen the Great defeated them with the support of the Crimean Tatars. The same year, he sent troops to support Hungary and since the truce with Poland expired recaptured Pocutia from Poland. In 1503, Hungary and Wallachia signed a peace treaty with the Ottoman Empire and Stephen the Great again paid a yearly tribute to the Ottomans. He died in 1504 of poor health. On his deathbed, he had urged his son and co-ruler, Bogdan, to continue to pay the tribute to the Sultan.

Serbia can have the campaign of Stefan Dusan IV who founded the Serbian Empire and Georgia can have the story of Queen Tamar the Great.

I know that it’s supposed to be called “Definitive Edition” for a reason, but as long as people play it there will always be demand for new DLC, this game is 21 years old and people still liked every new DLC. What I love about Age of Empires II’s DLC is that they don’t fundamentally change the game’s core mechanics, they just add more stuff to play, as every DLC should do.


Of these civilizations, the Georgians are really the most appropriate imo. They were the only empire that legitimately stood out for its power and size during the medieval era (Armenia was more Late Antiquity). Plus, they represent a region that isn’t all that defined by any of the other civilizations in the game.

By contrast, Romanians, Albanians, and Serbians all paled in comparison to the two Bulgarian empires in scope and influence, generally being little more than vassals or substates of other empires. If another Balkan civilization ever gets added as DLC, I’d definitely suggest the Croatians, since they were at least pretty formidable for a couple of centuries and halted both the Bulgarian and Mongol expansions.


Best to leave balkans as slavs so everybody is unhappy.

Armenians (Greater Armenia and Arminia Cilicia )are to far south (East of Turkey) to be eastern Europe. Hence why I prefer a dedicated Caucasus DLC , Armenia, Georgia and Khazars.

Then much later an Eastern Europe addition

  • Romanians
  • Serbians
  • Albanians

Having the Cacasus civs together emphisises the regional influences and diplomatic relationship connections those kingdoms had.

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Here follows just some of the exploits the Armenian kingdoms had in the ME during AoE2 time period:

Rulers/Generals :

1.Varaztirots II 645 AD First presiding Prince of Armenia.

2.Ashot I the Great 885AD Founder of Armenia’s second golden age.

  1. Ruben I 1025AD He declared the independence of Cilicia from the Byzantine Empire, thus formally founding the beginning of Armenian rule there.

4.Constantine I 1095-1103 AD He provided ample provisions to the Crusaders, for example during the difficult period of the siege of Antioch in the winter of 1097. He was a passionate adherent of the separated Armenian Church.

5.Thoros I 1100 - 1129 AD His alliance with the leaders of the First Crusade helped him rule his feudal holdings with commanding authority. He avenged the death of King Gagik II by killing his assassins. He also bestowed favors and gave gifts and money to many monasteries for their decoration and adornment.

6.Leo I 1129 - 1137AD Most of his successes benefited from Byzantium’s pre-occupation and alliance with the Byzantine Empire with the threats of Zengi from Aleppo aiding the Frankish rule, especially in the Principality of Antioch. He expanded his rule over the Cilician plains and even to the Mediterranean shores. He was taken captive in 1137 with two of his sons by the Byzantine Emperor. He died in prison.

7.Thoros II the Great 1144–1169 AD Thoros survived his incarceration in Constantinople and was able to escape in 1143. He found it occupied by many Greek garrisons, ousting successfully the Byzantine garrisons.

8.Ruben III 1175–1187AD He was a friend of the Franks (the Crusaders); for example, at the end of 1177, assisted Philip, Count of Flanders and Prince Bohemond III of Antioch at the ineffectual siege of Harenc.

9.Leo II the Magnificent 1198/1199 – 1219 AD During his reign, succeeded in establishing Cilician Armenia as a powerful and a unified Christian state with a pre-eminence in political affairs.Led his kingdom alongside the armies of the Third Crusade and aided the crusaders. Under his rule, Armenian power in Cilicia was at its apogee: his kingdom extended from Isauria to the Amanus Mountains.

  1. Queen Isabella I 1226–1252 AD A period of dynastic conflict that ended with the apparent unification in marriage of the two principal dynastic forces of Cilicia (i.e., the Roupenids and the Hethumids). The country experienced struggles against the Turks and Mamlukes and sharing alliances between Crusader states and the Mongol Empire.

I agree that Bulgaria was dominating force in the Balkans, but about the rest you are wrong, Croatia surrendered their independence to Hungary, while Serbia was a formidable kingdom and even instrumental in downfall of second Bulgarian Empire and decline of Byzantium, they even put up a good fight against Ottomans even though the numbers were extremely against them. So definitely Serbia has merit to be included, Georgia as well.


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