Do Portuguese need a buff?

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I think they need squires


Those stats are heavily outdated though

they are indeed, but portuguese are still rarely seen.


I think they are a good civ, just kinda lame, with nothing special going on for them. They are great on clown maps and idk if squires would change that to be honest

Rework Feitoria to tone down their power on water maps
Not sure how to improve them on open maps, in arena they are pretty good.


Squires is good, because it lets their halberdiers better keep up with enemy cavalry.

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I know. But that would also give them Goth champions with plate mail armor. Also Portuguese don’t struggle in Imp, they struggle in early Castle - late Castle and squires doesn’t change that

I think the Feitoria could need a rework so it’s useful in Castle Age or something

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People can always use the cheaper archers, or benefit from the LS buffs, or play monks I guess. The cheaper gold can help in a lot of areas.

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Make feitorias 3x3, available in feudal, costing 125g 125s, generating half of what they currently do, costing 10 pop. HP and armor nerfed accordingly. Construction time halved? and if it’s too strong, brought back up. If it generates too much, which it probably will, bring down the rates and make them scale per age.

Really, what Ports lack is a way to afford all of their gold options at any stage before post imp.
With cumans getting an extra TC, burgundian techs, mayan/chinese eco bonuses, malay faster aging etc I don’t think it will be unbalanced (after exact numbers are figured out), even on arena.

That they surely do, but if the devs haven’t added it in the last decade I doubt it will happen now.

I’d buff their research speed bonus and/or rework the Feitoria to be available in the Castle Age.

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they are the best water civ on the game, and a prety strong one in closed maps. They dont need a buff.

I made a Proposal some time ago how I think the Feitoria could be used in the general civ design as a tool in castle age and at the same time balance it for the lategame.:

Otherwise I am actually torn about buffing portuguese more than that. The civ can be quite strong in some closed and naval maps already. I thik that kind of tool that helps on more “agressive” maps in castle age as a reduced investment in eco that pays of earlier but less in the long run than standard TC additions could give the civ the right “tweak” to be more viable on open maps.
The thing is I now tried to figure out what exactly goes “wrong” with this civ and still couldn’t really figure out. From the sheer bonusse it has it should perform way better than it actually does. It’s hard to understand and therefore also hard to say what causes the civ to “underperform” in that way it does.

Portuguese are good in imp in 1v1,not so much at in team games were So, siege rams, and paladins run free and ruin Portuguese game since they got not a single FU meele unit against rams, slow halbs against paladin, and range gets flattened by siege onsgee eve BBC when micros badly and against larger groups, if only one so connects all the BBC are dead while BBC need two shots per So so the balance of 1v1 were BBC counter So doesn’t apply anymore.

Ports are boring to play besides feitorias at any point in game

Portuguese need early game bonus.

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Ports aren’t bad in TGs. OK, they aren’t amazing cause they are quite vulnerable in the early game.
But their Arbs are absolutely nice as they are so cheap. Maybe not as cheap as Mayans which are broken, but still 20 % gold discount is absolutely amazing to have. They even can provide one of the best BBCs in the game which can be an absolute game decider.

Also don’t forget their team bonus is really nice if you plan for any kind of early agression as you don’t need to make markets to share vision.

Don’t underestimate that civ, especially in team games they aren’t as bad. Their problem is indeed more on 1v1 open maps.

Probably, but we can’t just give every civ an early eco bonus. Then it wouldn’t make any difference anymore to have one.
The gold discount can also be used as an early agression bonus. (and don’t forget archers into knights is a very strong play often, and ports have a dicount to both)
I don’t think we should just give every civ an early eco bonus. It’s what makes the game interesting that there are civs which are fast and others which are slow.


Arbs get destroyed in late game imp where pop efficeny matters and padlains and siege oangers or riege rams are everzwhere.

if this is all ports have going for them, then no wonder thez are bad in imperial age with plentz trade setup

First press windows + space once.

Then Portuguese have also quite good siege themselves, they don’t need to fear these lategame situations.

I’d say they struggle from start of the game to late castle.

Getting squires and maybe increasing tech speed from 30% to 50% will help them. Also their 10% extra HP for ships and/or TB could be replaced by something more useful.

IDK about them struggling in early game. In theory they have a great drush flush or even MAA archers. MBL went 4 ranges once and won pretty decisively. They are just a bit weird because nothing really stands out for them. But in theory they are also amazing for double gold compositions.

I agree that the ship HP could be replaced with a better Castle Age Feitoria or something different.