Do we get a patch? | Everyone is frustrated

The last Balancing patch was 3 months ago and after that, we haven’t received anything. And now it’s been more than a month since the last update. I wonder when “EXACTLY” we are getting a patch. The problem is we didn’t even get a PUP patch. So I assume there is another week at least that we have to wait for a patch. To be honest, if the upcoming patch is not big or doesn’t have anything interesting/big changes, I would be really disappointed.


Heard rumors that a patch is coming this next week in which Russia will get buffed slightly, Brits will get nerfed(??), Sweden will get nerfed and Ports will get nerfed hard.

Take this info with a grain of salt coz I heard that on a twitch chat from a guy that claims he has inside info…but he was right before so I tend to believe him.


This doesn’t seem huge after nearly 4 months of nothing.


Brits? If Brits need something it would be a more viable option to lbs… they severely lack behind skirms…

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Brittish are tier S, really versatile, nice boom, are very strong


This civ stood in bottom tier for 15 years and finally is being used. I hope that the devs do have in account that more than nerfing, they should direct the civs to a specific type of play instead of just giving random buffs or taking them each 2 months


Time to quit the game.

The Homecity Card system makes this almost impossible to achieve, which is one of the reasons I never liked it.

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Not, they dont. Deck system allow us try different strategies and gameplays, thats the funniest part of the game. Where is the strategy if a civ always does the same??


Deck system allows a civ to have too much flexibility, which is why buffs and nerfs have always been wide swings in AoE3. It is impossible to properly balance.


Probably the few amount of devs working on Aoe3 are working on the DLC content.


I think the AoE community as a whole is extremely fickle. I’d be driven mad if I were a dev for these games.


You guys… have you seen this? Makes me sad…
The player base has been half of what it was upon release, and that downfall was the very next month of release, people quit the game as soon as it came out. Now, the player base is still dropping down…

Compare it to AoE2DE and let your mind be blown…

The average player base has been as big as it was upon release, even a bit bigger.

Literally the lowest average players on a month for AoE2DE has been almost twice as high as the highest average players by month for AoE3DE.

No wonder we don’t get the same amount of content or updates as AoE2DE, because we are a WAY smaller return in investment…


What’s even the point comparing AOE 2 playerbase with the AOE 3.
Everybody knows AOE 2 is more popular and it’s also the franchise cashcow.
Enjoying the game and having fun is more important than comparing playerbases or fixating on the numbers


It is not meaningless, it obviously shows AOE2 can keep the players but AOE3 can’t, and the situation is getting worse means players in AOE3 keep going down.

You can say you are still playing because you are still enjoying the game but people those quitted won’t think the same.

So how will be the game with less and less people? will you enjoy it?


Microsoft released AoEIIIDE in a terrible state didn’t and the only way to get at least some of those players back is more content. They’ve done a good job fixing the game up to this point but it should have never released in such a bad state. AoEIIDE could get away with this while AoEIIIDE couldn’t.

It’s too bad since AoEIII is a great game that deserves a larger playerbase.


AoE3 nedds A LOT more SP content and civs, before it deserves a larger playerbase.
Most AoE players never touch MP even once, so balance is really not a concern for the majority of this franchise’s customer base, but number of Campaigns, Maps and Civilizations, is!

If the devs want, they can make AoE3 DE a cashcow, like AoE2 DE, all they have to do, is BRING MORE CONTENT!


That is basically what I said lol. More Content is needed. Let’s see what this African DLC does for the game. After that? who knows. I’m still gonna be badgering them about more content. :slight_smile:


Coop has been doing OK for AoE2 DE, so why not get some Coop mini-campaigns for AoE3 DE?

Imagine playing the Adal War from the point of the Ottomans and Somalians, or the 30 Years War from the point of the Spanish and the Austrians, and then the Imjin war from the point of the Ming and the Koreans!

They would not even need to be actual civs, you could have both civs be very barebones and focused on RP, so they have to cooperate to win the maps.

AoE3 NEEDS more historical and SP content, enough with the Black family.


It doesn’t matter what the patch content is, as long as it doesn’t break the game as usual


More content will not keep the players as we can see result from USA DLC. Will dev keep on making new content for the game? Probably not especially after AOE4 will be released, who knows how will AOE3 be.
Dev need to face their problems to keep the remaining people like AOE2 at least. Endless bug, mess balance, etc.

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