Do you preorder/will buy AoE4 on Steam or Microsoft Store? Any diffrences?

sorry if a similar topic allready exists…

I dont know if there will be diffrences between AoE IV on Steam and Microsoft Store, if so which?

In another Topic about AoE II DE somone said that the performance on the MS Version is better.
Is there any Info about the AoE IV versions on Steam and MS?

I think i would prefer Steam more than MS if theres no difrences at all.

If you have a steam account definitely go with steam. It seems like Microsoft store users have a lot more issues then steam users . I have all the aoe de games, aoe 3 legacy edition on steam and I’ve hardly had any issues, as of yet
As far as I know there are no differences with the game, steam allows you to buy a more expensive deluxe edition, that includes the soundtrack and some other things but the game will be the same

Buy Age Of Empires IV


I agree with @AgeOfAwesomenes, but that’s just speaking from my own personal experience and observations of conversations in the forums.

I feel like MS Store users have had some odd issues that are harder than usual to diagnose, get responses to, and/or resolve in a timely manner. It’s just a trend I feel I’ve noticed, but it’s just my anecdotal observation and I may be off-base.

A couple examples, though, are:

  • Early on in AoE2:DE’s life, there was an event (Anniversary Event) where you could get the Photon Man cheat code; however, it turned out MS Store players were not able to get it at that time. They eventually made it possible for MS Store players to get it (Patch 36202), but it was a month after Steam users had already gotten it

  • It doesn’t seem possible for MS Store version players to enable the 4x and 8x debugspeeds; or at least not as of May 2021. Near the bottom of the thread I link to below, FoughtBird1976 posted this:

Aside from those, there’s been a small handful of error codes and issues I’ve seen crop up that seem unique to MS Store users. I get a sense that the number of players with MS Store version is probably also smaller compared to Steam; so any unique issues or errors that do pop up don’t have as many people in the community having the same issues/errors to discuss, corroborate, or help resolve

Personally, I’ve had a lot of success/fun with the Steam version; not too many bad issues. But I don’t play online ranked multiplayer very much or at all like others do. Depending on who you talk to, your mileage may vary :smiley: Hopefully at least a few more chime in with their observations/feelings

PS: It’s a little counter-intuitive that the Steam version would be more desirable, since it’s Microsoft’s game. But with AoE2:DE at least, Steam seems to maybe be the safer bet


Thanks for ur explanation.

I had similar problems for the AoE 3 DE African Royals Event. I could not finished it because at some days i couldn’t choose the Hausa or Ethiopians, it said “DLC Available” when i want to choose theme (of course i allready bought the DLC). and also it did not count sometimes when i finished a Event challenge. Even when it said that i completed it in game (Challenge info got green and crossed out). And after that errors i could not try again because the daily challenges was limited… ?! verry annoyig…

BTW: The 60k Challenge, in which u play as ottomans and have to destroy some buildings from other civ. asap to gain over 60k in time, also dont count for me… I did it multiple times and my highscoe is over 63k. I wanted the Golden Bull Icon u earn from that challenge

but so far i always thought that it was glitches of the game and not that it had to do with the retail version … @Darkness01101 @AgeOfAwesomenes thanks for your hints. I will definitely get the Steam version :slight_smile:


No problem mate, your very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, you bet! :smiley:

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I did Steam. I only pre-ordered because it gave the DotD expansion for AoE2 for free and I was going to buy both that and this anyway.

I think Steam is better and seems to have less issues. In AoE2 apparently sometimes windows store players don’t update and can’t find games against people on the new patch until they go force the update.


I did exactly the same for the same reasons :rofl:

And I need to add: I can play AOE 2 DE in my Linux PC :sunglasses:

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