Do you want more civ DLC's in the future? How many civs you want the game have?

We’ll have 20 civs in a few days with a grand total of 210 civ matchups . Do you think the game can sustain more civs or will that be a balance sucide ?

How many more civs do you want
  • No more civs
  • 20 - 23
  • 23 - 26
  • 26 - 29
  • ≥30

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not every new civ needs to be a Mexico.

but yes i want more civs.


The more the merrier. Would like to see a Oceanian expansion featuring Maori and Hawaii as well as a Central Asian/Middle Eastern expansion featuring Omani and Uzbeks maybe. Going further south in Africa would be nice too with e.g. Zulu and Kongo.


I still wanna see Danes and Poles from Europe, Burmese and Siam from Southeast Asia, Safavids, Congolese/Angolans and perhaps a full Mapuche civ added to the game at some point.


No any new DLC. = Sad.

Latin American revolutionary nations. = Fine.

Nations from the old world or the native Americans. = Great.

Fix the incorrection of the existing civs and add something new to them. = Wonderful.


As long as they keep updating, balancing should not be a major concern.
But if they keep stuffing creativity like the DLC civs, the only thing I fear is the last new civs would be eventually as absurd as the WoL Zulu (which is too much for me to accept)


A few more civs but not as many as aoe2 that was insane.

Mexico sort of makes USA fit in, I like that.

Maybe add the danes (the only colonial power strangely missing) and european maps.


Spamming new Civs, outdating the original ones!

Can only think about new civs after old ones are balanced/improved.


More civs mean more support means the game doesn’t die.

So yes.


The alternative would be map packs, singleplayer content, and premium customizations, which I would also be fine with as long as customizations dont get out of hand. (Oh and artwork of course)


I think we can eek out 4 more civs. Maybe two old world and 2 new world. I’d be content with 24.

But yeah, there are multiple ways to provide content for the game though civs are the strongest attraction. I love what they’re doing with these updates.

The right people saw my tweet about a artbook so now they’re aware we want one. :slight_smile:

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I’ll never be content with less than 30. So team more civs and more historical battles!! I wish however they update the older civs too.

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Perfect! They’ve also confirmed lots of times that they do read the forums, but rarely respond.

I also love these updates. I’m hopeful there was some synergy here with the marketers to push for a mexico civ, and that it proves to be popular.


There are about 10 civs I’d love see in this game but unfortunately it isn’t very realistic. Just support the the game for the next five years lol. I think many of us will still be playing this game for a LONG time.


Just have faith. I didn’t believe that they just added Mexico instead of Italy or Moroccans. So yea for the next five years hopefully they add more civs. You just have to do your part by buying the DLC or promoting the game to your friends or family.


I would like to see those areas covered too, but Uzbeks above Persia?
Regarding Oceania, Tonga may be interesting too, as well as Tahiti, but I think we need SEA first.

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I’m ready for any new content! I love this game and seeing the love developers put on it just makes me happy.
I would love to have some standalone colonial civs between a two civ DLC.
That way we can have next:
*A DLC from Europe + maps
*A standalone Brasil Civ
*A DLC from Southern Africa + maps
*A standalone Argentina Civ
*A DLC from Southern Asia + maps
*A standalone Haiti // Gran Colombia Civ
*A Nativeamerican DLC

A man can dream! haha


Mapuches could be in the future and would be replaced with another minor civilization. With this, we would already have everything that could be removed from America in an unforced way.

There is still a lack of territories such as southern Africa, the Middle East and much of Asia in general and all of Oceania. Also Europe still has more to offer with maps and 2 or 3 more civilizations.

We could expect up to 30-34 civilizations in total if they continue to include post-colonial civilizations.

I would be satisfied with 30-32, after that I would not see any sense because it would be very far-fetched. If they turn many revolusions into complete civilizations, well I hope the same will not happen with smaller native populations.


Which civ would be interesting to add and even Aoe 2 doesn’t have?

I guess the game will reach 25 civs but 30?

10 or 12 more civilizations would not be an exaggeration. It would be 4-5 future DLCs.