Does anyone play Castle Blood type scenarios anymore?

I remember back in the day Castle Blood (CBA) or scenarios like this, Archer Blood, etc, Hero Fest… used to be the most popular scenario?

I see there are some MODS for these but it doesn’t seem like anyone plays it?

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Custom gamemodes are working often badly. <_> sometimes can magically get them to work for a game or two lol

I finally played one a couple days ago with some friends, but whenever I host a lobby with a non-competitive custom game, to MAKE AoE friends (wink wink, devs, priority bugfixing), the lobby takes ages to fill (despite 2000 people looking for games according to steam). Most likely because most people’s experiences is one of the following and they want to avoid those:

  1. Laggy AI in multiplayer games
  2. Crash to desktop with a lot of mods/scenarios despite offline testing working fine (could also be author’s fault for not testing as all players, though)
  3. Crash to desktop because of supposed memory leak (@ around 13-18min mark)

I don’t have these issues on ranked, but I’ve had two or three crashes since january, which is annoying enough.

It’s too bad, because the scenarios and the editor are a


deal for a big part of the community and are a


boon towards building and strengthening the AoE2:DE community (aka profit)

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Make it a day. :grin:

This is a pretty 50/50 situation, don’t know if you’re saying they’re good or that they’re bad. :sweat_smile:

Trump: “I didn’t say that.”

Seriously though, it takes time to make a good scenario. Expect more to follow during and after quarantine. The game still needs a lot of change/fixing, the old scenarios still need updating to DE versions, people will need to get used to custom games, etc. The focus lies more on ranked at this moment and there’s still too much instability. So two things need to change for more “fun”:

  1. Bug fixing
  2. Optimism and creativity from the custom game community

Funny though, how 20 years ago it all worked perfectly fine :laughing:

Sure, that’s why we had to install those patches up to like 1.0c/e and desyncing was fairly common. Anyway, let’s not go off topic too much.

So annoying that CBA mods are crashing all the time!!! Any updates on when these will be fixed???