Need Help: All Custom Multiplayer Lobbies w/Any Mod Drops All Who Join PLS HELP

We’ve successfully played many custom multiplayer lobbies with no problems but if we try to add any Data Mod or Custom Map Mod it will not work for anyone who joins. With the Data Mod we keep trying Enhanced Resources and as soon as someone accepts the invite it will let them in the lobby and immediately kick them. For Custom Map Mods we tried multiple Forest Nothing mods and these will let the people into the lobby but as soon as the game starts everyone except the host will have an entire game crash on start.
To avoid some trouble shooting questions, we have tried both to let the game prompt us to say that we need to download the mod to join the lobby and us all double checking we already have the mods ourselves and that we all have them in the same priority order. Nothing has worked and I can’t find anyone else with this specific of a problem. Please and thank you for any help we can get at this point.

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Have you tried setting up lobbies with other data sets? The latest versions came with the invites kinda troubled for some players. Me and some friends had this problem a few times in some attemps, and either we joined manually the lobby, or restarted the game to the joining get to work.

I’ve experienced this load crash on a forest nothing map too and in a few other custom scenarios also. My bet is that this is probably a problem with the scenario file itself, must be corrupted in some way.

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Tried making a Minecraft server and had similar issues. Whole thing turned out to be a manufacturing issue with the router my ISP sent me. Got a new one, everything worked first try.

To be fair it all started with the impossibility of porting maps from previous AoE2 versions into DE with ease.

Now, almost 5 months after the game launched, very little has changed to good, and a lot has changed for the worse.

Custom games are borderline unplayable on current patch:

  • “I’m ready” button glitch.

  • Data Mod incompatibilities.

  • Constant crashes when loading a custom scenario.

  • The clunky way that UGC is downloaded at lobbies, with sluggish downloads and viciously repeating cicles.

This all puts out for so much stress. When you try to play a custom game you have to overcome so manny annoyances to enjoy the game, it’s wildly demotivating.

I don’t have a answer for why so much few people play custom games on DE, but my bet is that the absence of the extensive library of legacy maps and the inconsistency to boot any UGC plays a big role on that.

Not to mention the Editor. Now a bunch of 3rd party addons, such as Trigger Studio, are gone. This is understable; after all, new game, new code. But what I can’t understand is why some features such as replicating triggers from one player to another aren’t built in on DE’s Editor. Or why there isn’t a undo, or a custom asset library, or working custom sounds.

I feel that so many awesome stuff could be born on DE, but the Editor pulls back creators so much. If you commit to use it you know that you’re going to be disappointed, and you will surely be stressed, because the overall performance is quite bad and losing progress to crashes and some other random inconveniences should always be expected.

I truly wish to the access to custom games and the Editor being overhauled on a future update. Not only because we deserve it to be good, but because it is not a proper functioning product as of it is now. It’s underwhelming how it has seen to be overlooked so far.


I kinda want that topic below to still breath.

There’s so much important stuff to be touched on detailed there, the Editor still a massive overlook on this game improvements. If at least the major concerns were aided in the near future I would be happy enough.

Hello friends! Our QA team have asked me to see whether you can help identify (and even include) the custom scenario files that are causing issues. I know you’ve mentioned a few, but can you please list out which maps are causing issues and include either:

  • A link to the mod.
  • A OneDrive or Google Drive link with the mod files.

This will help us test the mods internally and (hopefully) identify what might be causing issues.

Thank you!

You refer to the common crashes, ready button glitch, or the lobby download issues?

But to be fair, any of these problems apply to any custom scenario. It’s been a lottery play custom games. But since you asked, here’s a list of some that I commonly play.

Hi @GMEvangelos, happy month of April.

So, after last update things still more or less the same.

  • Ready button glitch is seemingly more uncommon, but still happens.

  • The .dat file incompatibility still happening at lobbies with maps/data mods such as and

  • Crashes still happen as often as before when booting custom maps, the same as above.

  • The UGC download, at least, is working properly this time (if we discard the .dat file incompatibility, of course). My thanks for the team for fixing that :heavy_check_mark:

But overall custom scenarios at build 36202 still pretty much as unplayable as before. The fact that we’re going to a second month of impossibilities to enjoy the game with our friends is very discouraging.

Best regards and thanks for your time.