Does anyone play mods/scenarios on DE?

Because it sure does not seem like it. Most games seem to be lame standard games.

On AOE 2 2013 seems to have far more play non-standard games.

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If you’re looking for mods, you should definitely not play the DE’s. Forget Independent architecture or any other massive overhaul.

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So boring. We have guys crying about balance or whatever. And won’t simply play a mod/scenario to fix such an issue.

I mean, I do.

But the issue here is that HD mods should have been convertible to DE mods (technically not possible, but HD mods are not here for the most part as remade ones)

The people who talk about balance are almost always play ranked games. You wont be able to use a balance mod. Also many different people have many different views on how to balance things. Even with modding in the ranked games to add balance changes, you still end up with lots of discussion. It will never end, i think.

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Previously people that wanted to play competitive still had to browse lobby and occasionally joined a diplo or scneario game impulsively anyway. Now in de these people get in queue and will never join anything else occasionally.

Its quite hard to fill niche game modes like a feudal age only game or a nothing map or special scenario or a nice diplo game on pilgrims or any non standard map.

Trigger support has been greatly expanded even thought there are still some bugs like since release broken display timer effect. Generally it’s cool what new maps are possible to make but people have sadly little interest.

It depends a lot on the time of the day you host if it will fill or not.

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The main problem is that scenario editor in DE is terribly broken :frowning:
The DE devs added a lot of really cool stuff (i.e. triggers) to the scenario editor; unfortunately, (in my experience trying to work with them) many of them either don’t work properly or at all. This has also been clearly documented here for the Devs to see & fix: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Scenario Editor Bug List and Feature Requests.

The foundation of a game continuing to exist is community made content. For the original game and the HD version, the community was able to use 3rd party tools to make some truly incredible content.
Sadly, it doesn’t appear that the devs have taken any time to work on repairing/making better the existing scenario editor…

I really hope for the future of this game that they give it some love soon!


The scneario editor of the original aoe 3 has been broken like forever. In definitive edition nothing was fixed either. I doubt for age 2 de it will be any different.

Bugs are here to stay.

Clicking on the link @SlyfoxLegend sent indicates some of those bugs have been fixed

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Unfortunately, I believe most of those fixes were made soon after the game first game out. I don’t think anything has been done recently.

An update was asked below without any response yet …

However, I am optimistic because the game has only been out for a year :slight_smile:

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