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Hello dear dev team.
The issue I am having is the download speed for mods.
My internet connection is very good, the download speed in AOE2DE on the other hand is extremely slow.
Me and some friends with 100-200 Mbtis internet have measured how long it takes to download a 50 MB mod when joining a lobby.
After testing it multiple times we came to around 300-350 kbits of download speed.
How is this possible in 2021?

Why this is a huge issue?

  1. Modders like me feel extremely handicapped. We cant use 90% of the materials we have to create mods.
  2. I started reducing sound quality, graphics quality, avoiding UHD graphics, even started converting SMX files into sprite sheets to use as “particle effects”. Just for the sake of reducing the size of the mod, so people wont take hours to download it.
  3. People take ages to download the mod when joining a lobby (most people dont want to wait and will leave before it finishes).

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  • 100% of the time

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Host a lobby with a mod that is over 100 MB
  2. Now wait until lobby fills (spoiler: people will not wait half an hour to download your mod, and will leave the lobby)

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Please fix the download speed for mods.


I’ve got this problem too. It is so annoying when trying to play user generated content on multiplayer. I thought it was because of transit between the servers and me but it seems it happens to everybody.

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Oh yeah, I think this is the same when trying to restore even non-modded multiplayer games, if I remember correctly? Syncing the file takes quite a while… 4 or 5 mins? And we both have solid internet speeds. It does seem like we’re on 28.8K dial-up modems when this is happening :slight_smile: (I may be confusing DE with HD here, but pretty sure DE has been slow)

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I have the same problem as well. My connection is 300Mbps but the mod download takes forever. I thought it was my problem only, but it seems it is a very common issue.

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MS, please cmon, you want all to be hyped for DOTD, but please consider to fix these issues!!

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damn I thought It was due to my ping, I always get kicked out of lobbies since it takes a long time to load the mod. Also after mod download my screen freezes for a few seconds. anyone got any solution to this?

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There is only one solution:
The devs look into it and finally fix the download speed or whatever takes so long to load the mod.
I also noticed the more mods you subscribed, the longer the game will take to load.
Have 10-20 mods installed and the game will take up to 5-10 minutes to start. This is a sign of poor optimization.
I have an SSD, 16 gb ram, and a decent CPU. And yet Aoe2DE takes longer for me to load than modern 2021 games. This is absolutely terrible.

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Yeah, it happens for me too all the time. People often leave the lobbies and the games take ages to start.


700-800 KB/sec would be a huge improvement to what usually people experience.
It’s usually 300-350 KB/s when joining a lobby with a huge freeze included.
Basically unplayable and unmoddable.

I’d say anything less than 5 MB/s is unacceptable really, especially given this game has UHD.

not to mention unpack right after download in lobby means complete freeze for another 30 seconds and thats for my mod of only 120 MB in size. unpacking an UHD mod of 1GB would mean complete freeze close to 5 minutes lmao, its so bad (dependent on clients hardware of course).

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Yes dude, I’m one of the mod developers. And I strongly agree that developers should adjust the download potential. Obviously many times when I Subscribing files, other mods, it took me a very long time. until it finishes downloading for me But the file I received, was only 40Mb. Is that funny? I know everyone should feel the same way.

Funny thing is, if you complete a 100Mb transfer file to anyone in the lobby, I think we can finish 1 campaign at the same time the lobby ready to play.

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yo aoe are we gonna get any replies here

Yeah, I noticed that too. I play a lot of modded scenarios like cannibal escape, horde survival etc. and its always a long wait, especially when someone doesn’t have the mod before they joined the lobby.