Drop/Disconnect issues will ever be fixed?

Last night I went in 3 games, the first two one player disconnected. It used to happen to me at some point but luckily I got out of that hole, but obviously not everyone has been that lucky. I got a friend that basically he stopped playing with us because he drops every single time, some times min 5, some times min 20, his game just stays in trying to reconnect, but his network is still fine, we use discord and he is still on in discord but got kicked out of the game… That should be first priority, to make the game playable!!!

If you can’t fix the problem, Why just drop the player?Can you at least pause it until his game finally comes back in sense and we all can keep playing? Or have a save and restore function like there used to be, if after that the game can’t count a ranked who cares, most of us just want to have fun with our friends!

Please, please in the name of Zeus, fix it!


Here is the thing, current companies have dynamic IP, it changes after few hours, if that happens when you are playing, it would be impossible to reconnect.

All modern games have tons of drops, it is not always the games, it might be the ISP and server saturation.

Players dropping in this game has been a thing since the release(original aok), they added the reconnect feature, every time u feel like the game pauses and speeds up really fast, you were reconnected, the only thing missing is the windows showing which players just disconnected among with the save button.

That’s very weird that he only have that problem in aoe2 de, he plays other online games like pubg without problems, so I don’t think what you are saying is the case here, and I’m sure is not the case for 99.9% of the users

It does not explain why it’s so frequently… I got only few disconnect since the game release but most of them comes from the last two months. On other game i have no problem at all. Actually on 2v2, i feel like there’s ~10% chance that someone drops in the 5 first minutes. There’s only 4 players and i see more disconnection than any other game with 10 or 12 players in the same game. And i can’t imagine how often it happens on 4v4…

This is a known issue and countless other threads have been created about it in the past few weeks. The devs acknowledged there is a problem and responded to the issue in this thread:

It includes steps you can take to debug the game yourself (with a special build of the software). Hopefully it will help them to identify the cause of the disconnects and solve the problem for once and for all.

Been having the same issues that others have been having for the past week since I started playing more. Woke up this morning hoping to catch a quick game before the day starts but nope… instant drop as soon as the game begins. I’ve checked ping test and speed test and both are ok on client side. I really hope they fix it in the maintenance patch today or I’m done with this game.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

It’s only valid for Steam versions of the game, though, I believe.

timeout for reconnecting should be increased. atleast give a chance for the player to rejoin if he disconnected for any reason.

I do know, been playing this game since 2006 and drops have always been a thing, also i play other big multiplayer games and ppl just drop too often, get out of ur bubble.

Should not have any problem with dynamic IP since the game will use the userId (Steam or Microsoft) instead

just add an option to allow rejoining within 2-3 minutes after dropping from game and this problem will be fixed.

No, I mean you have no idea what you’re talking about when you said reconnect issues are caused by dynamic IP addresses.

They added a log generator in this update
Let’s just wait and see