Drop Site problems when modded

In the latest Advanced Genie Editor, it’s possible to add more than 3 drop sites. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work the way I want it to. I have created two types of drop sites for example, a building as Barn and a simple unit called as Supply Cart. Meat from herd animals can be dropped to the Barn building, huntable animals meat to Supply Cart. There is only one problem with herd animals. They cannot be herded around the barn. For hunters, it does not work, even if you are a building the 4th drop site. In addition, if the drop site is not a building (any type of unit), the corresponding icon does not appear. Overall, I have concluded that a maximum of 3 drop site buildings can be operated. I also added the appropriate values in the dropsites.json file but it still doesn’t work as expected.

Here is a video:

aoe2 Version: 111772 in win 11

i tested in fishermans. they have 3 drop sites in standard, if i add another one, this is not working. Can drop off meats only in the first 3 buildings (Town Center, Mill, Dock).

I believe a dev mentioned the extra dropsite doesn’t work yet, genie supports for future stuff too and it is not managed by the dev team but rather by another individual

just have to wait and it should be supported in the near future