Eagle Knights, coyote runner shock infantry ect

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Here is the problem I’m experiencing…
eagle knights and coyote runners don’t get hit point bonus when team infantry hit points card sent, certain improvements like speed, hit points or attack don’t apply to them.

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This is not a bug. Shock Infantry, despite somewhat confusingly featuring the word “Infantry” in its name, is a top-level unit class totally unrelated to the actual “Infantry” class, but more related to the “Cavalry” class.

Anything that affects “Infantry” is not meant to affect Shock Infantry.
Anything that affects “Cavalry” is meant to have a lesser effect on Shock Infantry.

Hope that clears things up a bit.


If these units were affected by stuff that affected infantry then cannons would have a field day against the Aztec and Inca. Though it would be cool if these units could be upgraded by infantry technologies because the Aztecs have very little ways of upgrading “Cavalry”, they dont even get a train time reduction card for cavalry.