Easier Difficulty for Campaigns

Hello devs, I hope you can add an even easier mode than Standard for campaigns. I find some missions very hard even in standard, I just want to know the story of the campaigns. Basically a “story mode” for uber casual players like me. Thank you!


i would counter for a much much harder dificulty since even on hard most campaigns are stupidly easy. i have to put personal nerfs to make it interesting like playing without any kills.

Yes add both an easier and harder mode to cater for both. I’m suggesting this for uber casuals not for hardcore players.

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OP is suggesting something for uber casuals and a story mode, no need to flex on personal achievements. I believe this will make some campaigns more accessible for new players. I think the classic AOE 2 has 5 levels of difficulty. The devs can add a Story mode difficulty and an Expert Difficulty.


I WOULD TOTALY BE onboard for that. i think aoe4’s difficutly settings are realy good and should be emulated in aoe2. something like barbarian ai in the base game i feel would be realy fun

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The only problem I see is that the easiest AI is extremely passive. It won’t grow its economy past 10 villagers or so, has only a token army that lacks most upgrades (assuming it had the resources to do better in the first place) and will never attack you. I agree that some missions are very spicy but playing them in easiest would be ridiculous, at no point would there be any threat. A new level of AI between easiest and standard would be needed.

Plus it would need alterating current campaigns for that new level, such as making timers forcing you to attack (say, the enemy building a wonder) longer, decreasing the fixed enemy forces (say, Wenceslaus’ army in Genghis Khan 5)… I know it’s possible, but it would be more than just using another AI.

If you’re finding it hard just use cheats bro. Easy peasy

Resource cheats if you still want to maintain some realism and not have a machine gun car recking your medieval enemies 11

No, I still want to play the game at a more casual pace without resorting to cheats. It removes the immersion that’s why I’m suggesting for a Story mode difficulty.

Joke’s on you, on some missions you cannot rely on cheats to help you, unless outright typing a cheat that makes you win. Joan of Arc 5 or Barbarossa 5 are prime examples.

There are some tricks to make campaigns easier. In singleplayer, you can use the active pause as much as you want. Want to take a few minutes to decide on the strategy ? Facing an enemy force and want to limit your losses ? Need to slow down the game pace ? One button to press.

How do you decide the order of the campaigns that you play ? Some are indeed brutal (typically the 3-swords campaigns) and are best saved for last.

The campaigns don’t use the normal AIs, each AI is specifically implemented for each campaign. I imagine there is some code re-use, but creating additional difficulties of AI for every campaign would be an extensive piece of work.

For most of the campaigns I feel like there isn’t much of an issue with them being too hard. I’m not a good player by any means, but I completed the Jan Zizka campaign recently, which is rated at 3 swords, and won them all first time. Often it’s just a case of working out what units work best for that campaign. In Jan Zizka, I was trying to use hussite wagons a lot, and it wasn’t going all that well, but it was very easy once I switched to a combination of houfnices and archers (the AIs didn’t respond with mass skirms).

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Campaign AI still uses the regular AI as a basis, it’s mostly putting limits on it such as restricting what units it can produce or when it will surrender. There would be absolutely no challenge by using the easiest AI.

The difficulty of DotD campaigns doesn’t strictly follow what’s indicated, they felt quite even when it comes to that. It looks more like if they put the difficulty swords to make players play them in the right order, for players who didn’t plan to play in chronological order in the first place. I’d say the most difficult ones were from The Forgotten and Rise of the Rajas.

Another great tip for campaigns is doing contraband. No allies, no problem, you can trade with enemy markets if the trade route is secure enough, so make sure you do not destroy an enemy market when you see one. Docks also work but since they can also produce military ships, it’s tricker to secure.