Easter Egg Compilation 🥚

Yeah it seems that when they made DE they just ripped and dumped all the assets from the original onto the artists, even the unused ones.

They even remastered the unused Age 1 Musketeer model.

Considering that it’s a famous historic event I’m pretty sure it is.

Maybe just letting the team redo everything is far more efficient than picking out by hand what is needed and what is not.

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if anything time is saved by not cherry picking

Do anyone know the music played when invoke the abilities of Royal Houses? Only know that the Bourbon one is Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs and the Habsburg one is Radetzky March.


but the Jagiellon one remains unknown

Many natives use the same portrait for the unit and the trade post site, so some of the units’ models are different from their portraits.
For example Maya:


But the reworked javelineer version is directly modeled on the portrait.

Well, developers please add (unreleased) the “Golden Maya Men” cheat


Another one.


What civ gets that Tavern?

Idk but my spanish eyes hurt cause its written with V instead of B😬

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It’s the English spelling for the Greek cuisine place. Also in Catalan we write it v

Maybe Spain or any of his revs…

In Spanish thats right too when talking about greek cuisine but dont get me wrong but I tgink that Greek and Catalan presence in the Americas werent that important. My guess is that a fail in translation. (Or from old spanish idk)

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Taverna is the Portuguese spelling


I think both “taverna” and “taberna” are used in Lusophone and Hispanophone countries.

Ak,ok…I didn’t say anything then…

Both mean the same thing, except that Spanish speakers use taberna with a long b and Lusophones use taverna with a short v…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen “taverna” here in Brazil

I rescue “Miskatonic Scout” on some maps. It is a reference to the fictional Miskatonic University from Lovecraft’s work. Unfortunately I don’t have any screenshots.