Eastern Roman Empire Civ Ideas

This civilization will be eventually be added in the game, and i had some really good (in my opinion) historical based ideas that i would love to see in the game. If they make the ‘‘Byzantines’’ they have to make them GOOD.

Ideas listed as (definitely want to see it —> would be nice to see it)

  1. When you advance to the Castle age, you will have to choose between the Empire of Nicaea or the Despotate of Epirus. The Despotate of Epirus gives a good market similar to the French one but not as good, and some trader buffs, (The Despotate of Epirus was close to the west and thus had a lot of trade partners, and the Empire of Nicaea will give a very good Dock which will produce ships faster and some all around resources buffs. It would also be great to see the banners and the shields change from the classic double headed eagle to the white cross blue background Epirot symbol. When you advance to the imperial age everything gets back to Eastern Roman and the buffs disappear. (The empire of Nicaea built a very good navy and its economy boomed rapidly since the first fall of Constantinople)
    (In my opinion people will love this, and the 4th crusade is an unskippable part of Roman history.)

  2. Units which are placed on walls are greatly buffed, by age, resembling the undefeatable walls of Constantinople, until the huge gunpowder cannons arrived. I also want the walls to look exactly like the walls of Constantinople, with the classic 2 orange lines and their square looking towers.

  3. Liquid fire like the fire ships will be a very expensive addition to towers which are placed on walls. They will deal great damage to battering rams and good damage to infantry. (all round this civ must be a very ‘‘defense civ’’ just like in aoe 2 but with more historical realism.

  4. Mercenary camp. Only one can be built, its like a barracks but every unit costs a lot of gold. There will be like Varangians (oh my) Turk horse archers and Armenian archers, genoese crossbowmen etc. (Byzantium was known for its wealth and its expenditure on mercenary armies. There is also a limit to how many of mercenaries you can recruit.

  5. RELIGION. Their monks heal better than a regular monk (just like in aoe 2) and there should be many religious technologies, like a buff when there is an attack, their villagers gain a little bit more HP. I believe Agia Sofia should be a landmark for age 2 and not a wonder in wonder games, the wonder should be like the hippodrome or something like that.

5.5) I believe they should have Latin as their language in the first age, but then it progresses to medieval Greek. It would be very sad to see another ‘‘only latin’’ speaking civ so medieval or ancient Greek would bring a lot of difference and realism to the game.

  1. The campaign. I strongly believe that the campaign should be focused on the reconquest of Constantinople in 1261 where the empire of Nicaea sneaked in the city while the Latin army was gone. So you could have like another city which you must take first like Thessalonica and then when their army leaves you must time it right to attack from the right spot and stuff but anyway the campaign should be in this period i believe. (in reality the Latin army left to campaign somewhere in the black sea).

  2. the fire ships are a necessity of course i didn’t even have to mention them.

  3. In regicide games, the emperor has the ability to fight and is on horseback, but he doesn’t have a lot of HP. He inspires nearby units A LOT and buffs gather rates of villagers but you must be careful with him.

9)There are no gunpowder units in the roster. Makes sense, no explanation needed, but i would like to see instead of handcannoneers the famous siphonatores, who fire liquid fire from their guns. VERY expensive, very low HP but very good damage and splash damage. (attacking 3 units at the same time)

  1. The spearmen in their 3 upgrade get a shield representing the infamous Contaratoi. A classic byzantine unit.

  2. Akritai. A type of villager who has a liitle more HP, a sword, better damage than a classic villager, but gathers slower, they have also slow movement speed in general, so they will not have the option to retreat in case of attack. They are buffed when they are in great numbers. It is a good option for like late game when you will have to send some villagers in a very dangerous spot to gather gold and the enemy can easily attack them. You simply send some akritai and the spot and the enemy will be more careful attacking them.

  3. CATAPHRACTS. I mostly want them to look cool. I want their round shields and their great lances. some feathers on the top of the helmet and some chainmail armor on the soldier and on the horse as well.

  4. The eastern romans have a limit on how many keeps they have. Their walls are stronger than any other faction and have a lot of buffs, but you cant let them have many keeps too.

  5. Stone wall stairs. A VERY CHEAP addition to stone walls, which enables the eastern romans to quickly respond to any attack from any direction. They dont have to get on the walls through the gates, you simply put stairs on the back side so that one by one armies can get on the walls on a slow pace, but ready for defense.

  6. Constantinople had firefighters. In reality. The Byzantine buildings have more HP and their ‘‘burning condition does very small damage’’

  7. After looking at some byzantine banners, i believe that the double headed eagle is not such an option as the holy roman empire is using that symbol already, but there is a very good alternative. = ⳩
    This ( ⳩ ) is a very commomly used symbol for the byzantines and it was used in banners shields and ships, it is a religious symbol and it will make the civ more realistic and pretty.

I think thats it for now, there are many more ideas. Not in my head right now, i hope ill see any of my ideas in the game, i love this game and i cant wait for more civs.
(vikings hm hmmm crusader states hmmm hmmmmmmmm)
Bye bye much love!!!


Some incredible ideas about a major, major civ that absolutely should have been in the game from minute 1. Together with the Ottoman Empire.

I especially liked a wide variety of mercenaries, tanky cataphracts, the massive walls and the tech edge that allowed Constantinople to outlive Rome 1,000 years. Tech, logistics, organization, higher civilizational level should be more highlighted imo.

There are other Byzantines posts in the forum, have you done a quick search? Since they decided to include “Holy Roman Empire”, perhaps it’s better to call it Byzantines or Byzantine Empire


I believe that naming it Eastern Roman Empire could make for some very interesting online games and especially competitive ones in case there are big players who fight in order to prove which is the real heir of Rome. The ottomans should definitely be a part of the DLC as well, but now of they want to make their game more famous than aoe 2 they should make 4 civs for DLC’s. Civs is what the game lacks right now.
And lets not forget that the west named the eastern roman empire ‘‘byzantines’’ because they wanted to steal the term of rome. I believe that the byzantine civ should be great in the first 3 ages, but in the last one terrible, just like in real life.
Thanks for the response

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I see your point about civ name. Makes sense, I buy it.
Yeah in-game civ representations should follow real history timelines. Roman Empire, Abbasid should be perhaps the strongest civs early game, Ottoman Empire the strongest by far at the end.

Exactly. Even though it is a pain to my heart to say it, the only civ which will be able to properly counter the Eastern Romans, should be the Ottomans. I want to see gigantic Turkish cannons and proper gunpowder units. Maybe the next DLC which will bring a LOT of players should be about the crusades. 4 civs, Eastern Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, Crusader States, and maybe Fatimid Caliphate or sth like this. It could even be the first 3 without a 4th one, but imagine the Templars who can only be recruited from castle-monasteries of the crusader states, the ottoman cannons, and the Varangians. The campaign options are infinite. They must revive the game immediately for the summer.

You got some grasp on history and a decent plan to save AoE 4. Now that think about it, I believe the only way to revive the game is a sensational epic “Superpower Clash DLC: East Roman Empire x Ottoman Empire”, with the Crusader States in the background or Roman allies.

Question is, should Crusaders (also knights Templar, Hospitaller) be Byzantine-allied units available within the ERE civ?

When these Crusader “allies” were allowed into mighty Constantinople by political infighting and saw its amazing wealth and grandeur with envy, they turned marauder. They ransacked, burned, destroyed, looted, raped far, far worse than the relatively tolerant and disciplined Ottoman imperial army, after smashing its way with monster-size bombards.

Check these posts out for further reference:

Yeah such a DLC could save the game as it opens the market to turkey which is a giant country with millions of gamers who would definitely try a game which has their country in it. I thought of a new mechanic for the ERE which is a game changer. Every age up, you choose a dynasty like the Chinese. Each dynasty will be either orthodox or catholic, making for different game bonuses and upgrades. If you decide to be catholic, you will unlock crusader mercenaries from the mercenary camp like Templars, which are very powerful infantry but slow like the Teutons in aoe 2, but if you stay orthodox you will have something like Varangians (damn that’s actually crazy good). The Palaiologos dynasty was hated by the people because they wanted to unite the western and the eastern church, even though they are famous for the fact that thy were the longest emperor dynasty of the ERE. I believe that this could be portrayed in the game by reducing the efficiency of villagers, but giving good trade upgrades like faster traders and trade ships and stuff. But if you choose orthodox the villagers stay the same but Agia Sophia has great upgrades for the military.

The thing is, no matter what we say, our opinions might never get heard and the outcome might be bad and depressing by being historically unrealistic. I believe the ERE must be the most powerful civ in the game, but very hard to master and there will be like different approaches to build orders, religion, military focus, which will be great for good players but a headache for beginners.
Thanks for the links!

The idea of Dynasties for the East Roman Empire is interesting and highlights their long-standing endurance and power. But as the heart of Orthodox civilization in the world, it’s weird to have a “Catholic Constantinople” (it was treacherous, criminal crusaders that sacked and raped the Eternal City).

You could stay Orthodox throughout Dynasties and still have both Varangians and Templars (as “allies”) in the game, that’d be a massive needed boost to AoE 4, why not?

Really? Why, are you Greek yourself?

They could also go for a flamethrower units, I believe that the ERE experimented with it a bit.

I was thinking about age 2 stonewalls but then I thought of how much OP that would be…

But maybe more HP could work too.

Although, to point it out, the venetians captured the city about 2 centuries earlier and without gunpowder, so they weren’t that much undefeated.

The choice could came through 2 Landmarks of the 2 cities.

Although I believe the the ERE should have an unique way of aging up, more like the abbasid or the chinese.

This could be a landmark, like there was a building that functioned as the “HQ” of the varangian guard…

This should be opposed to a landmarks that instead works around the theme sistem.

So you can choose between a strong but expensive military, and a more cheaper but sustainable military thanks to a good eco.

They could be an age 2 unit that can switch between ranged and melee attacks. Historically the cataprhacts came from the experience with the huns and Persians, so it makes sense.

They would be categorized as horsemen, but tankier, and with a charge attack. So they would be countered by heavy units.

I would instead go for something like the theme sistem.

I don’t know but something like infantry units can be used to gather resources when out of combat.
So like spears can work farms, cut down trees, and so on, of course slower. To balance that they would be weaker in combat, that why they would need mercenary infantry like the varangian guards (special man at arms) to supplement it.

I would like a lot a DLC that includes the Eastern Roman Empire, the Sultanate of Rum (ottomans) and the Republic of Venice, since all those 3 civs were deeply interconnected and all of them were allied and enemies at times.

The ERE should in my opinion:

  • have some kind of tax sistem, or gold generation anyway, which is hard to differentiate. Maybe with an unique building that generates resources based on how much vills gather around it.
  • their foot soldiers should be trained from an unique whole building, such units are weaker, but they can gather resources 50% slower
  • on another building they can train varangian guards (MaA) and and cataprhacts (buffed horsemen+horse archers)
  • have the fire ships in the dock
  • walls have more HP
  • all eco upgrades have no age restrictions
  • TCs have double garrison capacity and gives double pop. Their TCs can train armies in batch of spears and archers in a fast time to repeal attacks.

Just some ideas from the top of my head…

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I am looking forward to the emergence of the civilization of the Eastern Roman Empire in the game. Here are a few possible civilization characteristics that I think of:

1.Stronger and stronger walls that provide additional buffs to soldiers stationed on them.
2.Maritime trade can bring more gold or other resources, from Constantinople’s unique geographical location.

3.Relics stationed at landmarks can give soldiers higher health or defense buffs.
4. With the advancement of the times, the Eastern Roman Empire should be similar to Mongolia, changing from strong to weak. The later Eastern Roman Empire should rely on defending world wonders or holy places to win, or it can choose to reform, and reform requires a lot of money. resources and time, in order to regain the advantage for the Eastern Roman Empire.


These are worthy concepts for the East Roman Empire. :+1:

There’s a big concept of ERE / Byzantine Empire being the first “Wonder Civ” in AoE" (Byz having Wonder in Age 3 makes a lot of sense and transforms the dynamic of the game) in that other thread:

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It’s true. Constantinople/ Istanbul had a firefighter service, with fire watchtowers, since medieval times.

Roman Empire buildings should be more resistant to fire damage. Fits in nicely with the defensive civ theme.

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