Easy fix for Mongol TC drop exploit

All TC has a attack line of sight, just ensure if the player’s unpacked TC gonna have an overlap with enemy’s attack line of sight area, if that is the case then the player cannot unpack. Also the speed bonus for all packed buildings need to be moved to feudal.

This only applies to player vs the enemy player, does not affect the player itself.

Also a tile check can be done, can only unpack 8 tiles away from enemy TC


You mean like not being able to unpack when under fire? Could work, but would make all migrations even riskier.

no, if both TC attack LOS overlap, when you are placing a TC you can see the circle around it and if it overlaps with other TC’s Attack LOS then you can’t build it. It’s simple and easy, that way the Mongol TC can never ever snipe vills.

I think it means that there is a set range around each TC that is immune to having someone else show up and unpack their TC inside it. They could unpack one tile outside of the range, but not ever within range of the TC.

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But what are the implications: That way I can literally trap you later on by spamming TCs.
I don’t think that such a “specific” solution is a good way to solve it, it also removes a strategic possibility with arbitrary mechanics: You can’t unpack there. Why? Just because.

They rather should fix the way too fast bugged speed increase tech and consider moving it to the next age. That way your villagers can easily catch up to the mongol TC and its main reason for its OPness is gone.

Maybe if it only applied for the starting TC of each player it might work?

But the main reason for its OPness is still that the TC can outrun villagers in Dark Age, so they should just fix that and not remove the entire option.

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see the image and read the post once again

correct, I have added the image.

I understood and already explained how it limits the mongol player’s movement option for the entire game.

Then have it only apply to the starting TC. Future TC’s are placed at the risk of being attacked in this way, but the first one is safe.

no it won’t as it doesn’t affect the player itself, if you want you can build 2 TC close to each other.
It only checks for enemy TC LOS and Player TC LOS. Also nobody builds TC late game under the LOS of enemy TC, you can’t never complete it.

There is no reason a mongol player should not be able to migrate its TC near the enemy player in any later age.

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I’m talking about migration and your solution would literally trap the mongol player on a map with limited space.

No just fix the bugged speed tech and make sure villagers can keep up with the mongol TC.
The carriage will take way longer to get to you giving you more time and then can’t be repositioned as easily as it is now. This way it will become a strategy only employed by someone who has a gameplan, otherwise it is just suicide.

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Too heavy-handed for my tastes, as well as immediately just punting the pack/unpack/movespeed upgrade to Feudal Age.

For the time being, I’d rather see the upgrade fixed in Dark Age so it’s the expected 50% increase, and then increase it to be 125% in Feudal Age (that’s about how much it is now). Update the tooltip to match and see how that shakes out in play. Existing counters of proactive walling and Scout/Khan/Cav will be more effective and the rush will be harder to execute.

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Looks like they are aware and working on a fix:

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A hotfix 1.1.1 was added in steamdb (branches) , so am guessing this will be fixed very soon

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Just put the fast building speed tech to feudal age. Don’t over nerf Mongols please who are lacking in some areas beside this TC cheese.


no douche should be a fun strategy - it’s just broken atm. I always loved douching in AoE II, they just need to move the speed and pack unpack upgrade to the feudal age.


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