Easy solution for TG Smurfs

I have a simply solution for TG Smurfs… it’s pretty common on other games and I don’t know if anyone have posted it before… but what about putting a range limit in players that you can play TG with? Let’s say… 500 or something up and down, the game will calculate the “middle rating player” and put a limit up and down for the rating based on him:

  1. 1000
  2. 1500 → Middle rating player
  3. 2000
  4. in between of 2000 and 1000.

Not something like this that I fought this week: 1

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i had the same situation 2 months ago. 2k players vs 3 3k player one of player was 1k. they were above 1.5k points total. If you are asking solution. There is no solution until they hire math degree employee.

I’m not asking, I’m giving a solution… range limit to make teams, easy.


For the case in which all players are queueing solo, this makes sense, and there’s probably something in place to limit this range already (I’d be surprised if there wasn’t).

It gets complicated when 2 or more players are queueing together in a party, now you have to ask the question of whether or not you want to restrict players from forming parties unless they are close enough in Elo, if this were to happen I’d probably stop playing TG all together since I wouldn’t be able to queue with any of my friends.

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Or, ironically, you could just create a smurf to play with them…

I’m talking about 2 or more players queueing, your rating with your friends is too big? I pretty much doubt that it’s more than the pic that I’ve send (4200 range from the highest to the lowest and even if you consider the second lowest the range is “only” 3300).

Dota2, lol, CS, etc have team limiters for ranked games. Even SC2 has something similar but improved.
If people want to play with their low level “friends”, they can go to quick play or just the lobby.
How on earth people get more than a 1~4k points difference with their friends anyway, unless one of them doesn’t have a life or the lower guy is obviously a smurf who quits to lower his points on pub matches. And ruins the game for other 3 innocent people at the same time in those matches.

Besides, isn’t the spirit of ranked matches in aoe2 -has always been- randomness? random map, random civ, random teammates. Might be just me, but I always felt that was the case.


Interestingly though if they only played with their friends on that account they’d all gain the same elo points for winning and then hopefully end up in equilibrium. With no1s elo pulling the rating down, they end up playing tougher teams.

But that is all subject to the idea that they really just want to play with friends and do so honestly and only ever together. Which… is never gonna happen.

Exactly, Aoe2 DE now have this match system so now they need to improve it like any other game… back in the days people just kicked when the rating difference was too big. If you want to play with your friends you have lobby, simply as that. I doubt anyone that play with friends a lot have a rating difference bigger than 800/1k.

as long as there’s a suitable alternative, fine.

My TG rating fluctuates from 1.8k to 2k, a good number of my friends are in the 1.4k to 1.6k range, we don’t play very often, and if the game stopped us from queueing together, we’d probably all quit.

U know, it’s still in the 500 range that I told… even if you change it to 600-800 it’s still pretty viable imo, the problem when it’s a lot more… like 2k more difference.

Before implementing range limits the elo must be reset or everyone’s elo should be bought down by using fancy math. Then change elo system. Players don’t get same elo, highest rated player get least points and so on. The total elo gain/loss remains same. Add ghost elo to pre-mades. If elo difference in a pre-mades is too much, then consider it an “unfair” match and award/deduct minimal elo. Even after this if the problem exists in large scale then implement range limiters.

Smurfing is a symptom of larger problem, so first solve the problem. The symptom will automatically disappear.

It looks like your saying that you want a 500 elo difference set. The other guy was saying he has a larger difference and wouldnt be able to ay with his friend

I’ve said 500 by example, it can be more. By large I pretty much doubt that anyone who plays together have more than 1k difference in rating.

what about the chinese pros that wana play ranked games with viewer/s

Lobby. Maybe a ranked lobby option like they said with DM? This way ppl will see what they will be getting in before.

Just a question: you guys think is normal the rating difference that I’ve posted on the first post? You guys can look into the profiles, it was forced and it’s pretty common to happen.

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in another topic, we suggested another way to compute the rating of a team with the ratings of the players, where the highest elo of the team have more impact …
with the idea using exponential scale with delta =500, if a 4v4 team has a 4k rating player, the rating of the team would never be under 3k, even if teammates are 1k. The “smurfing” impact will be highly reduced.

please look at what is already suggested before suggesting something worse, and help good suggestions to shine.

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Oh, that’s a really good solution. Didn’t know about that. I’m a little lost on this forum so I’m sorry I didn’t see it.

i know there is now a lot of threads on this forum, and sometimes, good ideas are not the ones that see the more light !

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