Editing the latest Empires .dat file

Does anyone knows how can we edit the latest empires…p1.dat file from Update 37650? Which AGE3 editor can be used to edit them without causing the dat file to crash when edited/saved/opened/copied? Seems like there is a problem with editing the latest empires dat file with the AGE editor.


The old editor is out of date. Go to this link:
and click to download the red button.

2020.3.30 is the same AGE that is bundled with the game, I don’t think thats the issue, AGE3 worked perfectly until new patch

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What could be the issue? Anyone knows?

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I had no problem but you have to create a separate mod where you edited the dat files and import it. If you directly modify the dat, it creates issues such as failing build world message or yours.

Could you explain this with examples? This requires some finesse with this problematic AGE editor and new updated dat file.

+delete dat file you have in game folder or save it outside main game folder
+use steam integrity check
+download random data mod not too complicated from browse mods
+you will find it in /user(the folder where you find the folders documents/video/music etc)/game/aoe2de/randomnumbers/subscribed
or something like that

+delete its dat (inside subfolder of the mod)
+go to official folder and copy its dat and paste there, on the downloaded mod or use the previously saved modifed dat and paste
+move entire mod folder to local mods (copy it, its better)
+go to aoe and choose import mods on the mods submenu
+open advanced genie on the local mods dat file you just created/pasted and not the official game folder dat
+everything should work now
+if you go to your mod list, the previously downloaded mod should still be there
+if you are unable to delete it/unsubscribe from it
+there should be a json file inside the aoe2de/randomnumber/subscribed folder where it lists your mods downloaded

+open with some text editor
+delete the voice that contained the downloaded mod name

You can use your modified dat only as a data mod.


Can I check if the AGE Editor still works for the current .dat file of the AOE2DE game with the latest update and the Lord of the West DLC?

Sim, claro que podes uma prova é o meu mod "AOE2_Golden_DE (DAT)