Eight historical maps imply more new campaigns and new heroic units invested by developers

After the developers decided on eight historical maps, it implied that Microsoft invested a lot of money in more new campaigns, more front-line voice actors, heroic units, and more new units. Only by overcoming the problem of high cost and time-consuming can it be correct and interesting


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So, developers must immediately break through the difficulties of high cost and time-consuming, so that there can be more new campaign

Eight historical scenarios doesn’t imply nothing. Just imply that they did 8 scenarios.


dude is all you can say that they have to solve their own problems?

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Yes, Microsoft developers say they must immediately break through the problem of costly and time-consuming campaigns

Eight historical scenarios is The Microsoft’s developers imply to solve the problem of high cost and energy consumption in the campaign

I think he’s trying to say that 8 scenarios account to a full campaign.

I think some things are lost in translation here. I think he is just saying new content is coming lol

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Then, the possible complete campaign will be launched soon new content

It’s New Campaigns for information mentioned

What are you talking about?

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Sure, i get the new campaign is to information

This is the Inconsistencies of contents, again for get the information this is the historical map and new campaign

On a related note what civs are included in this Asian DLC?

What is the correct answer

This is the question he’s asking:

Was there an announcement for new campaigns, or are you just speculating?

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Speculating it is. ^~^
Hopes is all we can have :smiley:

What the hell are you on?


This is not my guess. The Microsoft official said that it might wait until the new campaign