Elephant Archers are still crap (acc. to Viper, Hera & Nili), even with -10 Gold and 2s reload time

Elephant Archers : STILL absolutely useless F-tier crap, according to Hera’s video, Nili’s Video as well as Viper’s video on this new patch.
Look at their reaction to the “buffs” to the pitiful EA.
Viper and Hera are the two best in the world, what they say in full seriousness should definetly be taken as important.
Nili is a pro streamer and a pro player, so he knows both sides of the equation.

Word-to-Word: Hera says “TO BE HONEST ITS STILL TRASH”

Hence, we can deduce from their judgements that -10 Gold and 2s reload time alone are nowhere near enough to fix this utterly gold wasting crap unit.
They have always and likely still serve no real purpose and lack an actual role in-battle, other thsn wasting precious food and gold and standing still in battlefields.

Let us discuss on what is to be done with this unit, known as the “Indian Unique Unit”.


its a buff. be happy. and Indian camels got buffed.

not only that but several top civs got nerfs, including the popular ones you want nerfed (Mongols, Mayans, and Aztecs).


Have you seen the video? Look what hera says about this so-called “buff to Indian camels”.
I trust the 2nd best player in the world more than you. So shall all people.
He says, “It is insignificant, nothing game changing for Indians”

And I have been vindicated on my continuous and tenuous effort to get it acknowledged that Mongols, Mayans, and Aztecs are 3 civs that absolutely need to be nerfed ASAP.
Especially El dorado and Aztec Millitary.

You opposed all of that, now see how much you can be wrong in your judgement. You and @JonOli12 have some reconsideration to do on your staunch Opinions on balancing.

Keeping this in mind, let us discuss EAs

he said and i quote “its not going to have a huge deal”. well yeah. that makes sense. after all, they aren’t exactly a weak civ. they don’t need much.

and he agrees it helps. is it a big help? no. but it helps.

he didn’t say insignificant. he said it wouldn’t be game changing. that’s fine. Indians don’t need game changing changes. they needed LIGHT buffs at best. and got it.

they just got nerfed, so be happy. and they weren’t top 3. heck on the most popular map, arabia, the one where they are picked the most, neither is above 52% winrate.

well they got nerfed. be happy.

yeah, because i’d rather bring up lower civs then spend time nerfing civs. guess what? Italians? Portuguese, Koreans, and Turks? still going to be crap for another month. but these changes? ain’t gonna do much to Aztecs and Mayans. they will still be popular and still be good civs.that effort could have been put into making those bad civs better.

they got a 25% dps buff and lost 10g on the cost. its a big buff. are they still going to be a rarely seen unit? yeah. show me an elephant unique unit that isn’t rarely seen.
on the other hand, it’s kind of hard to buff a unique unit for a civ that is already in a good spot.


Hera says the buffs won’t affect the fact that Elephant Archers are useless, i.e. F-tier, far far below any other non-Flaming Camel UU

And no matter how you try to deny it, you failed to judge correctly what the devs and pros would change in the metagame to make it more balanced.

Your staunch opinions don’t exactly hold ground on the day a new patch is up. And many of the changes I propose make it in sooner or later.

You and @JonOli12 have some reconsideration to do on your conservative thinking about AOE2

and what did you expect? for them to make EA all of a sudden the next plumed archer? not without some nerfs to the Indians.

Indians just got 2 buffs, and 2 civs you’ve spent asking to get nerfed got nerfed. you should be happy.

and the civs that actually deserved getting attention? still in the crapper. i feel bad for Turks, Koreans, Italians, and Portuguese. they get to spend another month in the gutter.


Me, most people on this forum, and Viper and Hera expected this unit to be properly fixed once and for all, i.e. become usable (above F-tier) and have a feasible role in the Indian army.

No UU or UT deserves to be useless. That is just poor design, having a unit/tech wasting a Tech Tree slot

We never said that they will or should become Plumed Archer levels of OP S-tier.
It is you who says hyperboles like this to try to invalidate me and others.

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really? where do most the people on the forum, Viper, and Hera, say they care if the unit actually becomes useful. yeah. Viper and Hera have said its a bad unit, i’ll give you that. but have they said they care about the usefulness of the unit? I’ve never seen it.

you can poke at me all you want about me and my “conservative thinking”, but I’m actually concerned about the civs that need love. you? you’re here complaining about your beloved Indians.

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I have made huge posts about the Italians, Portugese, Magyars and Turk buffs, my own unique ways of buffing them.

I WANT +1 attack to Magyar villagers, BUFFS to HC(great for Italians, Turks), Price reductions for GC and Condos, and Castle Age Feitoria for Portos.

It is you who tells stories like this to try to invalidate me, by painting a picture that I don’t care about those civs.

and what was your reaction to the balance patch? cry about the lack of love for portuguese, italians, and turks? no. you complained because the elephant archer wasn’t buffed enough to your liking.

btw, the EA now actually has more DPS then a crossbow. and the elite has more then an arbalester.

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An they still cost more than double, die to all kinds of trash, and can’t raid, or move

cry about the lack of love for portuguese, italians, and turks?

I made posts about those after the last patch, about why the heck they were not buffed, those and Magyars

This thread is about the EA so stay on topic, in this thread we can only cry about EA, if you think about it.

they also have a bunch more health, pierce armor, and yeah. they weren’t designed as a raider unit.
they were designed as a slow moving siege unit.

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did you miss where the bonus damage they deal is? sorry. maybe siege is a bad term. anti building.

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With all due respect to Hera, I’ve never seen him use the Ele archer and he definitely hasn’t used them in post buff conditions. I’ve tested 2.0 RoF Ele archers and they did feel like a much better unit. It’s not going to make them A tier overnight but definitely onto the ballista elephant tier, strong if you get to Ele archer+BBC+HC deathball


Could be, but I hate to say that I have to trust the 2nd best player in the world’s analysis here, over anyone on this forum

its literally got the same rate of fire as the archer and cav archer lines. which means it literally does the dps of the CA/HCA now, and is much more tanky.

he didn’t even test it. its an initial reaction. it has the dps of a cav archer, while being much tankier.


That’s what is on paper. Only experienced high level players can tell you what will actually happen practically.
And they can do that Definetly much better than @MatCauthon3 @JoJo9942 or @JonOli12

maybe so, but you can’t say this buff wasn’t SIGNIFICANT. you got a 12.5% reduction in gold cost, and a 25% boost in dps. on top of that you’re camels will now be more effective.

i can see serious potential in putting a few of these things with some elite skirms and crossbows and doing some major dmg.

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EA are basically in a position where even significant buffs cannot salvage them. See Viper and Hera’s UU tierlist videos or THIS hera video on THIS patch for proof again.