Elephant Archers have gotten more changes we have assumed

You know i was goinv to let you slide earlier but you said you sdmit you were wrong but jusf a frw minutes ago you made a false claim avout my argument and havent apoligized yet… or admitted you were wrong.

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You said elephants are end game units.
I said they are if you have other options while you get there.
If you don’t have them, you don’t reach the late game as you’re dead sooner. And if your options are modeled around elephants, then they’re not endgame units, but they become your go-to castle age units as well, but if they’re not usable because they’re too expensive, well you see the problem.
It’s rare to see someone using elephants in castle age.

Cheaper, need less upgrades, train faster, more than adequate to deal with enemy arbs without worring about pikes or monks.
You can spare gold and use that for arbs and siege.

This is factually correct, I did the calculations

If there is anything wrong Ill change it

And this message was for @CloudAct not for you.

Except that wasnt what my argument was about.

Here ill even do rhe legwork for you.

He said.

This. To which i claimed.

This. So go do the math again.

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I mean with my changes id give them bonus vs spears.

I just don’t get it. I have no Idea what the devs wanted to make out of the unit.
And I literally think the old one was the better design… and that says a lot.
The Bengalis EA will be a force in lategame close map TGs as the current indians were as… yeah skirms in close map TGs… make so much sense…
But the others are pretty unusable.

What the devs wanted to achieve here really? What’s the purpose of that unit?


Yeah, nice way to waste your gold lol


It seems the bare minimum as they can’t evade them.
I hope devs will listen to you.

I think its simple. Keep the current health.
Lower spear line bonus vs non war elephants. This includes battle elephants.
Givd them bonus vs spears.
You now have a unit that when massed up is vsry good vs arbs and spears.
Lower elite upgrade cost
Thats what i would do anyway.

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I’d like to see the new civs on open map to see what they’ll do in castle age.
My bet is crossbows. I hope I’m wrong.


I imagine Bengalis going eles sometimes, and Gurjaras should use the Shrivamsha rider

But teah mostly archers

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:rofl::joy: And people thought they were weak before. If anything this proves they really weren’t remotely as bad as people were saying(such a surprise)

Certainly a stack of nerfs. I’m still interested to see how they perform in matches. The Devs must have tested this stuff before hand to remotely justify these levels of nerfs

But realistically that 12 damage to stone walls/gates was insane, if WW are such a problem at 5

But I tentatively agree they might have gone a tad overboard. But won’t cry about it until we actually see the game

Drav 1.36 reload speed is still super fast on such a tanky archer

As much as i hate to admit it, the bldg nerf was probably necessary. Remember saracen and mayan archers? Now imagine that on something chonky.

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The big ones are -50HP and +5 damage from Skirms