Elite Unique Unit Skin

My previous thread which had a lot of support got closed so I opened this one.

All unit upgrades have a change to the unit look, why not the elite upgrade of unique units? It will make it much more easier to recognize Elite Unique Units from non-upgraded units and also look beautiful maintaining the uniformity of game logic, i.e. every unit upgrade gives a change in unit look.

Devs recently also released unique skins for RoR to distinguish upgrades:

Here are some concept ideas for AoE2:

Screenshot 2024-01-04 180105

It is a basic feature that will help in unit recognition as well. Every unit upgrade that changes the name of that unit should also give a change in the unit look.


An even better scenario would be a thematical unit skin for each culture e.g. Western Europe, Italian, Byzantines, Balkans, etc.
Meanwhile, this is what I found on AoE wiki, a beta version of the knight line
Now that I see this, I actually prefer them looking like this.


Wonderful. Only WE having a human rider is off my taste.

Is their any mod? I think I’ll use it.


Damn the new CA skin for RoR looks great


Damn so those all the diferent cultures you thought off lol

If we get diferent generic unit lines Im 90% sure that they would group Italians, Spanish, Teutons, Franks, English, etc togheter and same for Eastern Europe and the Eastern mediterranean civs


it actually looks pretty ugly in my opinion if you check the animation:
doesn’t look fitting to aoe2 artstyle.

Anyways lets try not to discuss regional skins here in this thread to avoid it going off-topic again.

None that I know of.


Good work! They should definitely add these.

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At least they should add the golden armor for the elite units

That’s sad. Do you have any more picture?
BTW, E.Berserk shield has Viking civ emblem on unit icon but not in game unit. I find this funny.

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Nice to see that this screenshot has made it to the wiki. Minor nitpick: the wiki has things slightly wrong, from left to right this actually shows cavalier, paladin, Frankish paladin. The knight didn’t have a lance, and used some of the AoE1 cataphract animations. (Source: I took the screenshot.)

A stationary attack animation with a lance is always going to look kind of goofy – it’s similar for the Frankish paladin.


Okay. Real question that I wanted to ask for a while now.
Was Frankish Paladin a separate unit line in alpha version? In one of SOTL’s video he played AOE2 alpha version. There was a very brief moment where I saw “Frankish Paladin” but I’m not sure if they are just OG “Paladin” or a totally different unit. BTW, I do remember from that video that Xbow was a separate unit and it probably cost food instead of wood.

I just noticed that animation is the same used by Leitis, Coustilier at Charge attack, and Frankish Paladin.

Not as far as I know. In the oldest alpha version I have (the first one SOTL played in the video), there’s no separate Frankish paladin at all. There is a throwing axeman, although it’s untrainable, since unique units hadn’t been implemented.

Everything had an adjective in front of it. If you were Franks, it would also say “Frankish Villager”, “Frankish Town Center”, etc.

Archers were a trash unit costing food and wood, and there were two other foot archers: composite archer and crossbowman, both costing food and gold.

By the way, several alpha versions are available online if you look for them. I’m not sure it’s a good idea to post links here, but I think I found a download link in the comments of a Youtube video (by Age of Noob, I think) of an alpha version.

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Thanks a lot.

Then how did you find this out?

Even units? Like Frankish archer? Frankish Knight? Good thing it was removed in the original version.

Are they compatible with Windows 11?

In the scenario editor.

Yes. There’s a unit called Goth Berserker, so you can have e.g. Frankish Goth Berserker.

It was the same in AoE1, I think (and, coincidentally, in StarCraft).

No idea, I have Windows 10.

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Yess yes need it, mod do good, but only use for some area, and not for UU. I get mod jannis hat :rofl::rofl:, man control perSia elephant war too. :grin::grin::grin::snail:

I need this in my life

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So did the Persian elephants act on their own will before upgrading? 11
I think they should have had mahouts at the beginning, like this mod.
I have subscribed this mod for my HD.

Anyway, interesting idea, even if unnecessary.

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How is improving readability unnecessary?

Even now, how many people are troubled by being unable to tell whether UU has been upgraded?

If this is truly a serious problem, just adding a helmet or hat, etc. to the units isn’t enough to identify it.

Additionally, additional graphics also increase the disk space required.

I’m not against it, but I do think it’s not a very important thing.