ELO ranking system error

Has anyone else lost a game and elo has been reset down to 0 or - number?

I was around 1700 and rising then I lost a game and went down to -13.

I now have to work my way up from 0 ???


That was the game where I got reset my name is Sparky NP


I have since then had to play 1v1s as you can see on that link with people with high elos / known good players to try and rise quickly. However since then I am getting kicked from lobby’s as they risk losing a lot of elo while gaining little if they win.

Can my elo be reset back to 1800 ish please as that where it should be right now.


It’s been hilarious broken. I played 40 games this weekend and not one game counted. I also seen Sparky_NP with -13 elo from one game. I think he managed to get to 200 elo but my games have’t counted no idea why.

When will this be fixed? I think elo is a great idea but it needs to work in order to use it.


That’s why ELO ranking is still a bad thing imho, at least with current implementation.

There just aren’t enough players (yet) who play regularly online. ELO ranking is not meant to be used for that in public games anyway. Maybe the host and clients could set an ELO ranking filter comparable to AI difficulty level. This means an ELO game set on 1500-1800 will not show if your ELO is below 1500 or you are not able to join with corresponding message. But the same thing would mean that if a host setup the MP game for an ELO range of 1000-1500, that above will not see these games either and are not able to join. Also when someone drops out the AI could continue and take over their play, but no ELO points for the person who dropped out the game of course.

I also feel like there should be different elo score for each game type. For example, the skills needed to play 1v1 is different than 4v4. You can be expert on 4v4 but a noob on 1v1. Should be different score for death match too.

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I’ve played numerous ranked “elo” games and have got the screen at the end 1600 +21 = 1621 or whatever but rating never changes in the lobby. multiple games and yes it was checked off to be ranked.

Any word on fixes or anything in upcoming updates? i’d like to see my ELO Rate instead of the plain 1600 everygame no matter what.

Same here, every single ranked game that i play doesn’t really counts, my rated goes back to1600

Still after update, with all correct settings, and teams locked, I won a game should +18, 1600 + 18 = 1618, get back to lobby. join new game. 1600. lol. “Version 23987”

I uninstalled from microsoft store and installed again and played a 3:3 ranked elo game won still no points. Just for an update.

i am bumping this still no elo change.

I’ve played numerous ranked “elo” games and have got the screen at the end 1600 +21 = 1621 or whatever but rating never changes in the lobby. multiple games and yes it was checked off to be ranked.

So twice now my elo decided to reset to 1600. The first time I lost 85 elo and the 2nd time 152 elo. Is this a known issue or is it just happening to me?

Hello folks. Can any of guys help me ?
All other players see my rating as 1600, it doesnt matter if i lose or win. I am 1700+ at moment but still other players see my rating as 1600.
The main issue is that some folks think that im a newbie and run way, specially when i host a 1x1 room.
I noticied some other players have the same problem. Any way to fix it ?

Ever had your elo reset to 1600? That’s been happening to me. Lost 230 points so far

Never happened to me. So far the only issue is that other players see my rating as 1600.

Come on guys. Try to fix it, please! So many players showing 1600 rating when in fact they have a diferent rating. Only I can see my real rating! Rest of the players see me as 1600.

yo crazy, i think this issue should be fixed when the game is launched in steam. I guess they are too busy with crossplay work atm.

that’s ridiculous , better u close the elo section until u fix all buges , this so frustrating and ruin the whole game .

just wait till steam release molten, i think all elo will be resetted. Dont lose hope bro.