Elo rating getting more problems?

Since the new update of elo. People are complaining more about the elo system. I believe elo system are more broken because of random elo match making. People make new account to boost their elo . 1 day ago i have played 2 2600 elo and 1 unranked player. My teammates were 1800 elo. It wasn’t fair game for all. Last game i have played 1 3000 elo 2 2600 elo 1 2300 elo players vs 3 2200 elo and 1 2700 elo. I believe system is not working .
Game should choice players proximate + - 150 elo distance. after 2500 elo it should be + - 100 distance. If you play ranked with your friends. You have to get lower 150elo higher 150 elo from your friend. It should take the center from who creates the game. There is no point playing ranked with noob friends. Ranked means COMPETITIVE game. If player wants to carry his friend.Player should play normal game with his friend. This is the only solution we have.

At higher elo, the difference needs to be bigger. We seen the same at 1v1 elo. The number of players with high elo become scarce, so someone with 150 elo difference at the top is in place on the ranking more close then a difference of 100 elo at 1500 elo, since there are a lot more players around that elo. The main reason why games arent balanced, is because TG rating is fully unreiable, because of bugs and exploits in the past, but the devs seems pretty lazy in fixing and cleaning up their mess.

The issue of premades with a smurf account is really an issue and it is already posted in many other threads. Just one of the posts i made about this issue, this is already discussed in many other threads as well. There is no real need to start a new thread about this subject.