Empires Dawn of the Modern World (Tested it today)

So guys I just played Empires Modern World RTS. The graphics are quite better, the details were awesome and well elaborated, has more variety of units, infastructure then RoN, Age of Advancement are awesome and limited Medival to World War II. One of the things I liked is that the rts has both WW1 and WW2 ages. Map choices selection menu are awesome shown in samples. Picturesque deep rooted zoom in and zoom out capacity. Nice 3d graphics, detail of units and infastructures. One thing is heaviest downside of this game, the combat and action among the units is very poor and very sluggish. Military operations wise this rts is very poor. This make the entire gameplay of this RTS very boring to play. Although Campgains are very intreseting in this game starting from the medival to WW eras and there is also an multiplayer iotion in this game. RoN still a dominant rival against this RTS. AoE is not a challenging rival to this RTS because AoE has very limited gameplay features and graphic detail features as compared to this RTS. But AoE like RoN has much brighter graphical enviroment then this RTS. So what’s yours take on it???

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