Enchanted Grove biome opinions!

but it is the devs fault for releasing the game too early with many bugs and missing features that turned off a lot of people. They clearly had a deadline of “make it work by the anniversary” and skipped a bunch of stuff to get there. If the game was good it would have retained and grown the initial player base. But today it’s already just a fraction of its peak popularity and totally handicapped its growth.

there are not so many players because if u look at aoe4world.com/status

you have more custom games than qm/rm, well its really quite well split between the 3 when the total player pool is already small. ranked mm should simply be removed. its just qm with some worthless medal, only good for getting people to dodge. the very fact custom unranked games are more popular than qm/rm just says we should only have ranked custom, with “quick search” to filter lobbies that fits criteria.

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ive seen the work put in, if they only found time to add map name to loading screen after a year, then fixing the so many bugs would take many more years, and then the game would be delayed indefinitely.

i do know what really needs changing though, but to say it out loud one would feel very much insulted.

i have lost hope.

been pretty vocal myself on backwards decision to have qm and ranked as separate thing, when both rely on the SAME player subgroup, and as you point out, are basically the same thing besides the ranked medals (ranked points vs elo is just name change really)

and trust me, u dont wanna be conq3

as i ain’t (wasn’t bothering myself with it) i’d like to know more

just takes 20-30mins to start the game typically.

hardly suprising honestly, with population on either flat line or declining

I mean, the game doesn’t even have a compendium so I’m rather dubious about how much it celebrates history. I think it was just a little cute marketing ploy. None of the previous AoE games marketed themselves as being historically friendly, unlike AoEIV yet all AoEIV has to sell people on is campaign “documentaries” which are cool but ultimately I feel like those resources could have gone elsewhere.

AoE2’s compendium is amazing and I remember spending hours reading it back in the day. AoE3’s is pretty bad, due to politics.

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i’d say compendiums for 2 and 3 both do their job fine, both are better cases vs aoe4 that has nothing

Probably depends of the server, North America in gold-platinum, i dont wait more than 5-10 min.
They could probably remove quick match and make all matches ranked, or merge some servers. Leagues are nice and if you’re going to remove something just removed unranked. But i also see the point to give both because some people are scared of losing… (they shouldnt). You can always practice in the custom games.

I think the game is in a good state now, they fixed most bugs and if they just remove Enchanted Grove and maybe a bit of balacing (Bershire palace range is too high please). I think the game is in a really good state, and RTS games are extremely hard to make so it would be very surprising to have a release with no bugs.

“it is the devs fault for releasing the game too early” well nothing they can do to fix that now, they can only change the future not the past, so complaining about matchmaking won’t solve anything unless you suggest solutions.

solutions have been suggested. but they continue working on lol balance changes more than anything else.

also, game has plenty of bugs, i mean just try play water maps and 30-50% of the time someone’s gonna desync. especially in 4v4s. this is surely not hax but bug related (because it happens often with people we know and play against)

thats only one of many to name.

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on water maps part of the problem is performance being horrible everytime water comes on screen

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idk i get more lag in 4v4 hill n dale / hideout

apparently my old i7 8700 isnt good enough… i do find it unbelievable though

Yea if you’re less than level 60. If you’re over 100 like me you just get kicked from every custom lobby.