Enchanted Grove strains my eyes

I think it’s the blue tint. Makes the screen look like a 90’s low contrast monitor with off-colors.

I suppose if you actually colored the ground as opposed to just tinting, maybe that would improve the visual, but even then, as a concept, I definitely hate it.


Please, someone tell me how to turn it off !!!

I can’t even play a match without tearing up.



Me too, enchanted grove strains my eyes help

Doesn’t hurt the eyes, but it its headache inducing.

So, in single player and lobby you can choose a biome. In quickmatch and ranked it won’t appear, I belive.

And yes, I played on this biome once… please no more. It’s kindy funny how on the start some decision were justifying by clear visibility, and now we get this…

When the mod editor was released, I commented that the darkness of the campaign was enough, but I only received extremist comments

the biome is very unacceptable to me.

we should be given the option to select our own temperament even.

im playing at half my capacity because im so distracted with the purple filter.


I asume you all are just playing the game on low graphics right? Because on ultra graphics the blue filter (it’s not a filter, its the atmosphere) looks fantastic.

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I agree, I am no fan of the enchanted groove, the Haze it has is really straining.

I thought it was bad from seeing streams/videos of other people online, but then when I tried it myself it actually was fine.

Although I do still think the coloring should not apply to units/buildings like it kind of seems to be, maybe that is just the lower lighting though, in which case I think it should be brightened up a bit.

It is really bad. Worse in person than I thought from earlier screenshots.

I played with the biome once, swore never to touch it again and then saw the “kill the magical deer” achievement. It was hell going through that again.

The funny thing is that now they have exposed that game engine is capable of such postprocessing. But instead of making a sort of “golden hour/sunset” ambience with a warmer, more saturated tone, they made what are probably the worst art-style decisions here. Plus, it makes everything even blurrier than it already is. What the heck, devs?


I was skeptical when I first saw the pictures, but ok lets give it a try, because we need the achievement…

but serious, I dont like it at all
It’s incredibly hard on my eyes and after the game the switch feels weird.
But we dont have to play at ranked with the biom?

We still getting mad at an optional thing we don’t have to engage with, huh?


That said, my absolute sympathies to people this induces headaches or the like with. I have friends who suffer the same with motion sickness and it’s no fun at all.

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It’s not that it’s optional or not, it’s that effort could’ve been better spent elsewhere. Even if it took devs just a couple of hours to create the new grass, trees, stag, etc. assets and apply postprocessing, that’s at least one less diverse killable herd animal we could’ve gotten in all other biomes instead.

That is the point. We don’t like the biome because on top of being being headache-inducing, it was something nobody asked for. See? The hanging clothes swaying in the wind was a welcome added detail, this is not.

if at least 30% find certain aesthetics distracting or affecting them, theres every reason to remove it.

focus should be on getting more players to play and stay… however they are ?unintentionally? putting energy into sabotaging the game, i’d say the fault is with leadership/directing as this keeps happening.

People regularly ask for biomes. I appreciate we each have our things we’d prefer they prioritise (I do too), but this revisionism has to stop.

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Don’t like it don’t play with that biome, simple as that. Let others who enjoy this play with it and in the meantime play other biomes until a new one comes that you prefer.

People need to get over the fact that it’s not about YOU all the time. Don’t need to love the content, but that doesn’t make it “a waste” of time for someone else.

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Is about age of empires, now tell me that that “Biome” has to do with age of empires as a game? Nothing, it looks like a fantasy game.

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Yes and Mediterranean and Sahara were more than welcome additions. People are weird you know? If they are happy it’s most likely they won’t say a thing, but they do take it online when they feel the need to complain.

Hence why you don’t see any single post about the previous two biomes being controversial, because they were not (and given people’s nature, that means it made everyone happy). As you correctly stated, we do want more, but not this visually jarring atrocity.

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You don’t. Others do. Others don’t. I don’t know who “we” is here, but I think your feelings on the biome itself are linked to what you think people want. I’ve seen a lot of good reactions to the biome personally. Certainty enough to reverse the anecdote at least.

Biomes have been asked for. That’s all the devs can interpret.

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