English OP in this patch

why english towncenter can shoot 2 arrows?
why english villagers are archers?
why english has man at arm in dark age?
why english archer doesn’t need any upgrade to be longbow?
why english farm is only half cost?

english just got too strong at early game?
they are immu to any early game hassrasment. their villagers could easily beat any early game units. even horseman. khan’s dmg is 2, their villagers are 5. wtf…

all other civs except france have to reach castle to start fight with english.
with the ram buff in this patch, their feudal age spearman + longbow push is really hard to stop now.


I take it you just lost a game to English.


because they are English

lost a game , yes, but,
everytime in a same way. and no matter watever you do. they just do the same.
you can’t do ■■■■ to hasrass them. and you have to quick casle to defend.

English have less than a 50% winrate (although all the winrates are quite close right now).

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Wall up? I play English a lot and a good wall will stop me when trying to harass

the new patch gives them eaiser ram push. you ll find ram in your base in 8 mins. only france and rus with early knight could stop it.

stats is one thing to reflect balance. its not everything. it can not reflect game experience.

So what exactly do you mean with game experience? Stats clearly show that there’s lots of strategical answers to cope with English, otherwise their win rate would be way higher.

stats are just numbers, numbers could explain something but not everything.

what about players feel higher pressure when they face english than other civs?
what about some civs need better micro and apm to cordinante all type of units in fight?
what about how people split their focus on ECO and minimaps during the fight with different CIVs ?
what if delhi players are just average better than all english players while they are at 50/50 win rate?
what if most of players with bad micros picked english coz it’s just easy to miroc with?

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I highly doubt that all the points you made really make a difference for players >=Diamond level (English win rate = 48.5%). They love competition and most likely do not feel higher pressure when facing certain civs. Also you wont find any players with really bad micros on those levels.

What if you just had a match against a player that was better than you? Would you say that’s possible or would you certainly rule that out? May I ask what league your playing in?

you just proved stats are not showing everything.

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friend listen to me, improve your French, because it is a very strong civilization against the British if you know how to use it, I assure you that he has not you’ve still learned how to do it

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the actual updates are only for civs that are played the most. And the nerfs are for the civs that those playing ENG, FRENCH and HRE complain about. I have figured as much in the last year of updates on the game.

French nerf compared to Delhi nerf for this patch.
Who here can logically explain why it was done?
French got nerfed 5% for dark or something? That was enough on the most OP civ.
On the Delhi 2-3 nerfs = on the least picked civ with the worst win rate against the above mentioned civs. But nerfs… hmmm.

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again stats doesn’t mean anything.

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Are they going to be based on superstitions or what?

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It’s hilarious. We are at the point where feelings are more important than actual stats. It can’t be that people lose because they have played poorly. It has to be something else, something mystical we haven’t found out yet about but it definately has to be there!

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there are so many factors to affect the balance. stats helps, but its only reflect one side of storys.

and if we want to see the stats, we need to take multiples, not only focus on one or two stats like win rate, it only shows the final result, for a video game (a content generator) is far not enough.

Only thing broken about english is their villager/tower rush.
Other than that the civ is fine.
Just like with french, if you start loosing villagers left and right you will loose the game. You gotta use the right composition, towers, etc to deffend.
If they go for the farm opening than you have a good window to get a 2nd tc and get units to deffend their timing.
If they go all in, their eco will be bad if you manage to push them back