Enlarged Mini map

Is just another example of feature that gets added but serves real no practical purpose.

The same can be said about the game summary tab on the post game, the rematch button, the casual lobby rating, the half finished friends feature.

The new mini deck in game is a good addition

But seriously, imagine if the Devs instead spent there time On the following:

•Allow to check players deck in a lobby game

•Finish the friends feature by showing your friends online status

•Fix the team ranked qs

•Allow to browse lobby or click on your profile while you are queuing up on ranked

•Expand the profile page by showing more than just the most basic stats like win rate by div

•Able to search on a players name

•Provide a stats webpage with your history of games like in legacy

•fix the observer mode

Seriously Devs stop wasting time on gimmicky stuff and actually work on proper QOL stuff.


What is the issue with minideck?? The number of clicks are the same: open, card and close


The original closes and goes back to in game screen once u have selected the card. The mini deck u have to manually close the mini deck after u select the card

You have to close the original to…


I think you’re remembering wrong, you have to click again to close the original as well. Mini-deck is a great feature.


Due to those annoying clicks I use the “H” hotkey.

BUT WHY DO WE Need to click


Just show the list of decks right away !

I haven’t tried it yet, but conceptually, an enlarged minimap is a great idea imo. the minimap is the most important part of your screen at any time you’re not in a direct engagement that needs careful attention.

The minimap is good more than anything for those players who do not have screens with a lot of resolution, such as a friend who a while ago made a topic asking about that problem for him.

And I just love the mini deck, I remember that in classic, there was a mod that changed your vision of the metropolis for a static image, mostly to save resources. Sometimes it happens to me that I open the deck for the first time in a game and the whole game is laggging, luckily, that will never happen to me again.


Its a click anyways. And for those who are complaining about select deck button, I think its there to avoid missclicking other deck. You have to stop 1second and think

Ok fine, the original u can exit by basically clicking on any of the mini map or clicking on any unit or building hotkey.

The mini deck u have to move the mouse pointer to the flag.

It’s less effecient

Why don’t they keep the same exit options for the mini deck?

You can click its Hotkey, “H” to close it. Also, its an option, if you dont want it is fine

After trying the enlarged mini-map for the first time, I have to say that I’m disappointed that the option eliminates other UI elements. It would be a nice feature if the rest of the UI remained intact.

The only problem with the mini deck is that you can’t move it, I beleive…

I’ll retract my comment about the mini deck, it’s one of the best additions in DE.

It’s good if u use the hotkey to open and close it

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