Europe Diplo Monument Wars

A Regicide Diplomacy Europe ludikris sized map in which you fight to control monuments. Each monuments generates resources.

Pop limit is 1000. Bombard Towers do only 60 damage. Feitorias are banned. You can win with allies by clicking Allied Victory. Starting transport ship moves fast, and is filled with 4 villagers and a king. If your king dies you lose the game. King has 1000 bonus HP. Trees respawn.

Every 60 seconds you get 25 wood, food, gold and stone. More than one town center can be made in Dark Age. Castles have 2 times the HP. Powerful, but slowly trained units can be made at a Monument; Crusader Knight (super heavy cavalry), Heavy Pikeman (super heavy infantry), Flamethrower (high damage, short range siege unit), a Packed Town Center, Norse Warrior (heavy shock infantry), Templar (super heavy cavalry, slower to train than Crusader Knight).