European DLC (polls)

Makes sense XD

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voted no to more european civs, at least for now. however it’d be interesting to see sales number for the existing DLCs. even if its not europe, many players would probably still purchase it just to play it.


I totally agree!!! Is this not the whole purpose of these polls?

In my opinion, the ‘Georgians’ are absolutely needed (to insert a Caucasian civilization), then I would see the’ Swiss’ (a civilization based on pikemen and above all on mercenaries as a new game mechanics), then I launch a last proposal, the ‘Romans’, in my idea they would be a “fusion” between the Rome of Late antiquity (already widely present in two campaigns) and the medieval one of the popes, a civilization based on infantry, monks and contrast to enemy monks, unique units’ Protectores’ infantry non-convertible defensive and anti-monk “monks” ‘Inquisitors’


Not European per se, but I’m all for the Armenians, and maybe a South Slav people.

I thought of perhaps having a more High Medieval Scandinavian civilization to represent the Kalmar Union, as well as a Finnic civilization too.

Overall though, how many new civs could AOE2 continue to add, in terms of both gameplay and cultural value?


not sure. the moddable civ value went from 48 to now over 60 I believe so they probably have plans to make this into League or Dota where people can choose many different civs in hope to gain some sort of traction.

as for game play, they can always add new unique features as they have been doing.

We’ve had Romans as a monk civ since AoK

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if you are referring to the “Byzantines” (the “Eastern Romans”) in my opinion those should be a little modified (Greek as a language, and at least in part the architecture), but this would make them very different from the ‘Western Romans’ , even the ‘Italians’ would need a “tweak” (especially the language that could be that of the Italians of AoE III) and could represent the “city-states” of medieval northern Italy, in this case the ‘Romans’ like them I mean I could fill the role of ‘Latin civilization’ (also intended as a language)

The Western and Eastern Romans were the same culturally, they are just the same civ. We dont need a Pope civ at all either

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But it would be fun to excommunicate the opponent.

So we need an Antipope civ.


You can do that with Italians

Teutons dont fit that role?

It depends. If humor isn’t for people then sure Teutons. We can still crack wise here right?!

I know sarcasm is a language deader than most languages but…

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Western and Eastern Romans is a modern construct. In their time, they were all Romans.
Western Romans fell in 476 (or 480, depending on who you ask). For campaign sake, in Alaric and Attila times, they were the same Romans, so it’s ok to represent Aetius and Honorius Romans as Byzantines. After that, as the Western Empire fell, it’s not neccesary to have an exclusive Wetern Roman civ.

Latin civilization are all Western Kigdoms in the game

However, you are right saying the civ we know as Byzantines, ditched Latin as an official language in 620 (Heraclius would be hell of a campaign, BTW), but there are mods for that and I asure you, if the devs changed their language to Greek, there would be mods to change back their language to Latin.

@DynasticPlanet5 Teuton humor is no laughing matter

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I prefer Byzantine’s. Italians are Lombard kingdoms/Genoa.

Teutons fit better the excommuniating the pope role. They are no joke

“This too was not enough, for pope and antipope promptly excommunicated each other.”

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This is my idea about Serbs in empire time: imp. ut will be “mercnaries”(militia and knight line +2 attack and +2p armor) because Serbian rulers forced saxon miners to work and with production of silver and gold thay are able to buy german knights and spanish swordsman
New unique building fortified momasterie(can shoot arows)250w and 400st 4000Hp range:8 afffected by blacksmith
Castle age ut will be “slava”(fortified monasteries generate food)
UU Alemanic guard(special ability: use sheild in mleee fights)
Elite upgrade Vitez 1000f 600g
Second uu Gussar 85Hp 8att los:regular hussar armor:1/2 900f 600g(fast light cavarly armed with spear that has ability to switch betwen melee and ranged, strong against archers,pikeman,monk weak v infratry,camel)
Third uu Sagusa 140Hp armor:0/3 los:8 130w90g(large fast transport ship carry cap 40)
Archery range:missing parthian tactics,hand canoneer
Barrack:missing suplies
Stable:no camel line
Siege workshop:missing siege onager
University:missing treadmill crane,heated shot
Monastery:missing fervor,sancity(church in medival serbia was strong)
Blacksmith:missing last archer armor upgrade
last cavarly armor
Dock:no carriering,dry dock,no galeon,no elite canon galeon
Mining camp:missing gold shaft mining
Mill:missing crop rotation
Lumber camp:all
Infratry,cavarly and monk civ
Miners work 40%faster(saxon miners)
Knight and infratry more resistant to conversation
Villagers have +2 attack+2armor
Team bonus:trade carts carry 15% more gold
(Serbian empire had safe traderoutes)

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