European DLC (polls)

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I reccomend to you look another civ designs, see how are they made, and replicate them with your content. Would be more enjoyable and readable. I like the idea of add Serbs/Croats/Vlachs on a Balkan DLC using a “Byzantine Architecture”


I think for the Romanians/Vlachs the Eastern European architecture would work best. Given that now the standard is 3 civs per DLC, I’m thinking of either Croats, Serbs, Romanians (Balkans) or Romanians, Georgians, Armenians (Black Sea).

So 9 civs using Eastern European architecture set?

Definitely would need a South-Eastern European architecture set (which the Bulgarians could join). And Bohemians should have the Central European set!

Edit: that being said, I wouldn’t be particularly enthused by new European civs any time soon


With 220 total votes, I think this is the biggest poll on the “controversial” european civs questions so far. With 109 votes in favor, 74 against and 37 neutral. I think those who want European civs are a majority.

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Really? Seems the majority are in maybe or against. Furthermore go to reddit and there youll see bigger polls.


The people in the maybe are not the same as the people in against.

Bigger polls such as? more posts, sure, because the people complaining about a thing are almost always going to be more active than the ones accepting a thing, but that doesn’t make a majority.

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Nor are they for. Less then half this small as crap poll support adding more eu civs

AS IN MORE VOTES. i routinely see reddit polls reach into the 500 range if not more


Yes, 100% correct, they are not “for”. And I didn’t count the “maybe” together with “for”. Unlike you who counted the “maybe” together with “against”.

Maybe doesn’t mean against it.

Yes, I figured you meant as in more votes. I was actually asking if you could provide actual links.


But it also doesnt mean the majority are for it. Despite your claims.

The majority of 220 would be 111

In this poll, 49.5% are for it (that’s the majority), while 1/3 (about 33%) are against it.

The 49.5% is still a majority, a relative majority. It’s only short of 0.5% to become an absolute majority.


And its still a small as crap poll. The devs arent going to make the next dlc European because 109 people say yes.

The fact that only 49.5% of people ACTUALLY SUPPORT more European civs outright should show exactly why it is contraversial.


And I have asked you if you could provide a bigger poll, which you didn’t provide.

220 votes for an internet forum is quite a lot. There were 220 users who voted in this poll, I wonder how many users are usually active on this forum? 500 maybe 600?

To put the votes into perspective. Out of 6 people, 3 are pro-european civs, 2 are against european civs and 1 is neutral about it.

Do you have poll numbers for other suggestions of American or African civs? otherwise, saying that “ONLY 49.5% of people actually support is” is without essence since we don’t know what number of people support others.

No. Its really not. But nice try. Again. Reddit polls regularly hit far higher.


Yes. It really is. But nice try. Again. You failed to provide evidence of a bigger poll.

Ive literally got a poll going now that got 24 votes in 18 minutes. How long you think its gonna take to eclipse your 220?

Heres a poll i made a few months ago.

Over 500.


Love the unbiased wording of your poll:

  • Eh, not interested in more European civs being added.

Yeah, a poll with over 500 votes… that is not about european civs.


Point is though its an exame of polls with well over 220 votes.

Poll is unbiased. Has 3 options.
Next dlc
Sometime in the future
Not at all.


I think the only one being biased here is you

Confirmation bias. You think something is true so you find the things that support it while rejecting the things against it

Mat proves Reddit has a much larger audience than this forum. That was the point of the other poll.

While I think a larger portion of players would like EU civs, the majority want to see non EU civs first. I’m too lazy to find the numerous polls that likely prove this, but I feel like we literally have a new poll every 2 weeks or so about different general or even specific regions. And EU hasn’t won any for a while now.

That being said, polls aren’t even that reliable. People regularly voted against militia line buffs or ram elephants (or other changes/weird units)and we got them anyway :joy:

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