European general unit special appearance MOD preview (have released)

To be honest, I don’t think the submodel statement will affect the multiplayer game is necessary. I didn’t expect it at first, and I have been using it a lot. Even when the MOD was first released, I found that there can not be multiplayer game at all, so I had to spend Half the night to check, delete, modify.

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Yeah, seems that this mod had got a lot of effort.

Update British 18th century musketeers.

Maybe update to Imperial Age(1870-1890) rifleman skin is better.
Fortress Age(18th century) musketeer is fine, BUT NEED TO CHANGE into Socket bayonet with ALL AGE DEFINITELY!!!



I know this is older post but I saw your design for the Ottoman grenadiers on reddit and was wondering when are you going to put them in the mod?



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The main reason is that I vacillate between the design logic of Age of Empires III and historical images. In fact, I have changed no less than 10 versions in private…

So the appearance of the Ottoman grenadiers, in the current mod, are the way you have decided on? I was just curious and what you showed on reddit looked really cool. Anyway the mod is great, you have definitely put in a lot of work.

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I haven’t decided what to use in the end, because according to the information I found, the cloth of humbaraci is the traditional clothing of the Bosnians, and the jacket or coat will not be white, but in my modeThe white appeared, so I was still trying to adjust it

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I like your mod, it makes the civilizations of the game much more unique, but I would like to ask a question and I hope you don’t mind, what are you going to do when you finish making the skins of the European civilizations?

Note: obviously after you take a break.

Regardless of the answer, thank you for your time. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your recognition and support!
I’m not sure if I can actually say when I’ll be able to “finish the European unit skins”. Part of the reason is material limitations, like the old French guards that have always bothered me, and there is no proper hat model in the game for me to use. Part of the reason is that I might try to tweak some of the unit’s shape details to bring it closer to history.
If all this is done, I haven’t figured out what I’m going to do yet. Mainly because the unit characteristics of civilizations outside Europe are relatively clear.
Finally, I always hope that my mod is more like an official DLC, and try not to make my content appear obtrusive in the game. So, at this point, I always admonish myself to be relatively restrained.


I hope that devs will hire you as ty did with other DE modders.

An (edit: official) MP compatible reskin (edit: DLC) would be dope, the engine already supports it with the explorers skins feature.

I also I hope that somebody could help you with a custom models for hats.

A pitty that grenadiers aren’t really used


Thank you for your continued support, I am already familiar with you.
I am just an ordinary player who loves Age of Empires 3. I have always hoped that the first European countries that appeared in the game can have some visual features. I have also posted suggestions to the developers on the forum before, but there is no response.
There is an idiom in Chinese called “Throwing bricks to attract jade”, I hope that through my own MOD, developers can see the needs of players for these contents.