European Natives for European maps

You should show this to those who think the game should only focus on Europeans colonizing the new world so no European maps no European natives no European civs who did not colonize, but Ottomans in Americas okay.
It is these people who undermine the justification of including Ottomans, not those who question them by the fact that Ottomans are already in the game.

i always knew this was going to be a controversial topic due to the nature of it but it ended up being so in an entirely different way than i had imagined.

like guys, its okay to disagree but try to be as nice as possible to each other :slight_smile:

Napoleonic Era had European maps and was thought after Asian Dynasties (I think it was an unofficial expansion). A Napoleon campaign would be nice. AOE-3 is not only about colonialism, but about military conflicts in general during the modern age.


It would be nice if it was only on the banks of rivers or oceans. (On water maps)

European maps should come. Sooner or later.


What were immigration like in those times?
Something similar could be implemented to the Jesuit settlements that appear in Asia.

Or it could be encompassed in a new way, perhaps non-native, if not places where you could ally yourself with companies or traders in exchange for benefits of some kind. It does not necessarily have to be units in all cases.

you mean like immigration from europe to say the new world?

honestly rather limited until the 1800s. to give a comparison when the US revolution happened they had about 2.5 million (vast majority europeans, mostly anglo decent) while the UK itself had about 8 million people. frances population was even bigger at 22+ million at the same time.

also not all parts of europe had the same level of immigration, Ireland and germany had significant “export”, while other places had less, some almost to a none existent level.

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I have an idea while seeing the saltpeter site.
Perhaps it would be a resources producing point, such like a local workshop, textile manufacturer, little factory, sawmill, ranch, university, trade company, currency mint, jail, bar, etc.
For the player, it may have no units but spawn or ship resource cases regularly or supply a trickle, or be a special saloon where could generate exp and train the outlaws and mercenaries.

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Perhaps you could increase the population limit if you did not create units in the trading posts. Maybe it could act in a similar way to the Asian consulate where you hire units from different parts of the world.

Migrants from other parts of the world to Europe, or migrants from Europe within Europe itself.

If there is a jail, you may train the outlaws and mercenaries there cheaper.
If there is a workshop/ranch/sawmill, it will supply an impressive numbers of coin/food/wood.
If there is an university, it will supply book crates, surgeons and techs.
If there is an cathedral, it will supply a great exp trickle, priests and techs.

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If they do add European maps they should be away from the densely populated areas. Places such as the Scottish Highlands, Alps, Lapland, and the Carpathians. You could have minor factions with mercenaries like Highlanders and Swiss pikemen and nomadic groups like the Sami and Romani.

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I think the argument for a European DLC this time would be the Napoleonic wars. Any place influenced by this conflict would be feasible.


I’m migrating these ideas over from the other natives thread because I was informed they would fit better here!

The general idea would be to depict city-states as well as small nations and ethnicities. As it stands, the developers have stuck to a principle where a civilization cannot be both a minor and a major, but we can still work with a lot of the smaller countries and peoples in between the big powers. This particular set is Central Europe.

Where: Central Europe, Alpine maps

Language: Tyrolean German

Units: Schützen/Schuetzen - A light infantry unit with a bonus against artillery
Partisans - Similar to Mexican Insurgentes

Alpine Hiking Clubs - You enroll your infantry units into hiking clubs to get some much-needed fitness, increasing their stamina and thereby unit speed by 15%

Tyrolean Guest Houses - TPs, TCs, and Taverns/Saloons/Monasteries slow heal idle units

Heimat - Spawns a hero unit which boosts the stats of native warriors, can plant an inspiring flag

Where: Central Europe, Alpine maps

Language: Austro-Bavarian German

Units: Chevaulegers - A light cavalry unit similar to an Uhlan

Bavarian Settler Wagon (akin to the German Settler Wagon, but with a cap of 4)

Counter-Reformation: Priests move and heal more quickly

Bavarian Illuminati: A powerful and mysterious society spawns four spies for you, increases HP and attack of all spies

Oktoberfest!/Bavarian Royal Wedding: It is time for the beloved autumn celebration, get one beer keg (150 food/150 coin) for every five minutes of game time, up to 20 minutes

Beer Purity Law: Careful selection of the choicest ingredients increases mill and estate gather rates by 10%

Alpine Salt Mining: Get a prospector wagon which can transform into a salt deposit

Location: Northern European, especially water maps


Language: Low German

Unit: Victual Brother - Rodelero/Corsair-type unit

Hanseatic Trade Network: Boosts TP payouts by 15%

North Sea Shipbuilders: Increases ship HP by 10%

Hanseatic Contacts: Modest discount on mercenary and bandit units

Location: Central Europe, Alpine maps

Language: Swiss German (can recycle audio from Swiss Pikeman)

Unit: Swiss Guard (Stats and role similar to a boosted-up Halberdier or Doppelsoldner)

Swiss Mercenaries: Swiss Pikemen become trainable from the tavern, all melee infantry attack boosted by 15%.

Fortified Cantons: TCs gain a strong cannon attack and do not require garrisoning

Alpine Herding: Livestock fatten faster and get five semi-fattened cattle

Later I’ll work on ideas for Southern, Eastern, and Northern Europe.


Adding in Southern Europe to follow-up from Central Europe.

Location: Balkans, North Africa, Southern Italy, Middle East

Unique Unit: Bashi-Bazouk (Rodelero-type unit with very high siege and anti-villager attack)

Legacy of Skanderbeg: Increases fort and outpost HP, allows recruit of Stradiots from taverns and equivalent

Mehmet Ali’s Ambition: Costly tech which grants a shipment of 2 Mamelukes and 5 Askari

Chiflik System: Increase Mill and Berry gather rates by 10%


Illyrians (This represents the South Slaves rather than the ancient Adriatic tribe: We probably can’t fit three similar but distinct South Slav civs to please the Serbs, Bosnians, and Croats, and the term “Yugoslav” is anachronistic. However, at the start of the 19th century, the pan-South Slav nationalist movement proposed to call these groups Illyrians, so it is accurate for the period)

Location: Balkans

Language: Serbo-Croat

Units: Pandour/Grenzer/Hajduk (general-purpose light infantry, maybe a hybrid Skirm/Musk like Revolutionaries?)

Bosniaker (Equivalent to either Chinaco or Spanish Lancer)

Military Frontier: Increases attack and HP of villagers

Social Banditry: Similar effect to Ethiopia’s Ammunition Currency

Shtovkavian Linguistics: Development of a common language increases tech research rates by 10%

Location: Iberia, southern France, Central America, American West Coast

Language: Catalan

Unit: Miquelet (Stealthy musketeer)

Miquelet Lock: Increases attack and HP of gunpowder infantry by 5% respectively

Aragonese Merchants: Improved market rates

Guerrilla Warfare: Miquelets gain a bonus attack when attacking directly from stealth

Location: Iberia, Saguenay

Language: Basque

Unit: Carlist (Chinaco equivalent)

Basque Fishing: Increases gather rates on fish and whales by 15%

Pyrenees Shepherds: Gain a delivery of 10 sheep

Tree of Guernica: Each TC spawns one tree with 800 wood

Venetians (This doesn’t preclude having an Italian civ, it would just be a sub-section of the Italians)

Location: Italy, particularly Northern Italy

Language: Venetian Italian

Unit: Schiavone (light infantry with anti-ship and anti-artillery bonuses, increases attack of ships when garrisoned)

Water Unit: Venetian Galley (similar to the Ottoman Galley)

Brescian Gunsmiths: High-quality gunmaking increases the attack of gunpowder units by 20% but makes them 15% more costly.

Venetian Arsenale: Docks repair ships faster

Merchants of Venice: Venetian merchants demand their pound of flesh; gold gather rates increased but food gathering rates from hunting decreased slightly

Carnevale: The masquerade festivities of Carnevale conceal all your military units for 30 seconds. If the unit attacks, concealment is lost.

Ok, up next is Northern Europe, then Eastern Europe


Coming back to this thread, I really really just desire for the entire world to be opened up to us in Age 3. From Australia to Alaska, and from Argentina to Siberia. I want to play on even European and west Asian/Middle East maps as well.

I hope Age 3 will get Persia, Prussia, Italy, Morocco, Korea, Brazil, and some more. Just a dream but I dream big. <3 No matter what if this was the last DLC of Age 3 DE (Mexico Civ) we got WAY MORE than what we even asked for. I mean wow. This was a fun journey and the community was great.

Thank you devs if you read this. Both at World’s Edge and Forgotten Empires.


Ok, now for Northern Europe:

First, an additional Central European civilization:

Location: Central Europe, eastern France, Low Countries, Eastern North America

Language: Rhenish German

Unit: Hessian Auxiliary - Grenadier

Black Forest Gamekeepers: Hunts give more meat, Jaegers become recruitable from taverns and equivalents and Jaegers may gather hunts

Palatine Handcrafts: Increases wood gather rates, prolongs output of trees

Impressment: Decreases training time for all infantry and cavalry

Belgians (rather anachronistic, but collective term for both Flemish and Walloons)

Location: Western Europe, particularly France and Low Countries

Language: French

Unit: Walloon Guard (Musketeer with grenade attack against buildings)

Flemish Wool Trade: Sheep trickle coin

Burgundian Court: Age-ups and Age V Capitol techs and equivalents receive a discount

Expeditions: Explorer LOS and attack against guardians increased


Location: Scandinavia

Language: Norwegian

Unit: Mountain Troops
Note: I don’t think this unit should be shown with sleds because it would make no sense on maps without snow, that’s also why I think skiing should be represent by a tech and not as the name or model of the unit.

Nordic Skiing: Increases speed of light infantry, especially Mountain Troops

North Sea Fishing: Can be sent twice, delivers a school of cod

Northern Timber: Delivers a crate of wood for every 5 minutes of game time, up to 30 minutes


Location: Scandinavia, some Eastern Europe maps

Language: Finnish

Unit: Karelian Jaeger (Recycles concept of Finnish revolt unit, being a light infantry that gathers wood)

Reindeer Herding (borrows from @Skadidesu 's proposal for Sami - my “Finns” are supposed to be a catch-all for all Nordic Finno-Ugrians): Can train herdable caribou (Reindeer) from livestock pens/native farms/ etc.

Sisu: Finnish resilience grants your soldiers 10% more HP

White Death: All light infantry get a 15% bonus to damage



Location: British Isles, Saguenay, Dakota

Language: Scottish Gaelic/Scots

Highland Clansmen (as proposed by @Jonasnee8581 under the name Jacobite swordsmen)

Piper: Scotsman with a bagpipe that functions like a Hausa Griot, but cannot heal

Highland Clearances: Get a delivery of 8 sheep, livestock fatten more quickly

Royal Scots: Highlanders become recruitable at the tavern and equivalents


Location: British Isles

Language: Irish Gaelic

Unit: Gallowglass (Doppelsoldner counterpart)

Irish Immigration: Gain a settler for every 3 minutes of game time, up to 30 minutes

Inniskilling Dragoons: Ranged cavalry attack increased by 15%

Irish Agriculture: Cows trainable from livestock pens, livestock fatten more quickly, mills gather 5% faster

Finally, I had an idea to feature Bretons to add more to maps in France, but I’m not really sure what to actually add for them in terms of units or techs. I felt some inspiration from the Vendee Counter-Rebellion to the French Revolution, but I’m not sure what kind of unit it would be besides some kind of rough equivalent to an Insurgente (which I already proposed for Tyroleans). I also am not sure what the techs would be. Maybe a reference to the Edict of Nantes or Brittany’s maritime culture?


Wow man, I love all of your suggestions, brilliant work sir. I hope we see all of these minor factions/units added with European maps in a European DLC. Once more Superb work sir.


Thank you! Now for Eastern Europe:

Tatars (I think they would be best as a minor civ, rather than full civ, most of the Tatar Khanates were past their prime, and I don’t think their gameplay would be too different from Lakota

Location: Eastern Europe, Siberia, Mongolia, Himalayas

Language: Crimean Tatar

Unique Unit: Tatar Horseman (Horse archer with a bonus against villagers and buildings, like Lakota Bow Rider)

Kazan Bazaar: You and your allies get one crate of a random resource for each TP your team owns

Tatar Raiding: Grants a siege bonus to all cavalry

Genghis Khan’s Children: Grants 1,000 XP
Refers to the fact that most of the Tatar Khans were descended from Genghis Khan


Location: Eastern Europe, Mongolia

Language: Kalmyk Oirat/Mongolian

Unit: Kalmyk Rider (Hussar-type cavalry with a lance, maybe a charged melee attack?)

Oirat Migration: Increases TC build limit by 1 and grants you a TC wagon

Nomadism: Grants you 2 wagons to build a village (Chinese house)

Kumis: Mare’s milk liquor strengthens your Kalmyk cavalry, increases their attack by 10%

[Zaporizhians](Zaporozhian Sich - Wikipedia) (Subsection of the Cossacks)

Location: Eastern Europe

Language: Ukrainian or Russian

Unit: Cossack Renegade (clone of the Russian Cossack, so a weaker Hussar but big build limit), Hetman (hero-type unit which boosts Renegade stats)

Cossack Diplomacy: Grants you a Hetman, and allows them to be trainable if you lose it.

Cossack Horses: Modestly increases HP and Attack of melee cavalry

Steppe Feuds: The perennial Cossack-Tatar rivalry grants your cavalry a moderate defense against ranged cavalry


Location: Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Balkans, Egypt

Language: Circassian

Units: Circassian Cavalry (Melee cavalry with a charged bow attack), Mountain Raider (skirmisher-type unit)

Prized Warriors: Grants 4 Mamelukes
Reference to how many Mamelukes were originally Circassians who were sold into slavery to become warriors

Circassian Beauty: Increases settler recruitment speed

Dogged Fighters: Boosts HP of Circassian Cavalry and Mountain Raiders


Location: Middle-East, Anatolia, Balkans, Caucasus

Language: Armenian

Unit: Armenian Archer (standard bow unit), Monk (healer unit)

Mountain Refuge: Grants you one Mountain Monastery wagon to build a Mountain Monastery on a mine, can train Armenian monks as long as you continue to own the TP on an Armenian site

Mountain Warriors: Boosts attack and HP of all melee and archer units

Land of Faith: Healers gain increased HP and healing speed


Location: Balkans, Anatolia, Black Sea region

Language: Greek

Unit: Armatoloi (Hybrid Musk-Skirm)

Philhellenism: The love of all things Ancient Greek speeds up research rates

Mediterranean Diet: Healthy food options lead to a modest discount on Settler recruitment cost

Greek Revolution: Majorly accelerates recruitment speed and increases recruitment limit for Armatoloi

Crimean Goths

Location: Eastern Europe, particularly Black Sea region

Language: Crimean Gothic

Unit: Balaklava Rifleman

Crimean Fortresses: Increases HP and attack of forts, outposts, and walls

Crimean Vineyards: Increases Mill and Plantation gather rates

Ancient Ways: Hand infantry attack, HP, and recruitment speed are all modestly increased

Prussians (as a stand-in both for Prussia itself, as well as Baltic and Volga Germans)

Location: Northern Germany, Baltic, Central Russia (Volga Germans)

Language: Brandenburger German

Unit: Landwehr (slow but strong musketeer), Sword Brother (Recycle the model from campaign Boneguard)

Teutonic Legacy: Increases number of Sword Brothers you can recruit, boosts melee attack for all melee infantry across the board

Clausewitz’s Principles: Increases recruitment limit for Landwehr, boosts shooting stats of all Musketeer-type units

Agricultural Expertise: Increases mill gather rates


Location: Balkans, Black Sea region

Language: Romanian/Aromanian

Unit: Vlach Boyar (Cuirassier equivalent)

On the right, with the sword and tall fur cap

Legacy of Vlad Teppes: Melee units gain increased attack

Land Beyond the Forest: Grants a crate of wood for every 3 minutes of game time, up to 30 minutes

Danubian Sich: Grants a delivery of 8 Cossacks


Location: Eastern Europe, Balkans

Language: Hungarian

Unit: Szekler Hussar (boosted up Light Cavalry, akin to Magyar Hussar), Szekler Grenzer (Light infantry with a double-barreled musket that can be upgraded to have a charged double-shot attack)


Example of a double-barreled Grenzer rifle

Carpathian Mining: Boosts coin output from mines, increases mine yield

Cziskos: Allows Szekler Hussars to gather from livestock, unlocks cattle from livestock pens

Border Defense: Grants your Grenzers a charged attack which allows them to fire twice in quick succession


If I were making European maps in AoE 3 I’d use itinerant groups as the minor settlements: the romani, the sinti, the yenish, and the fantefolk.

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